Elium - Prison Escape

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  • Out now!

    Ready your sword, put up your shield, and prepare to escape.
    Lone Artisan Games is proud to announce that Elium – Prison Escape is now available on Steam!

    The game has a retail price of $13.99 but there is a 10% discount running for this launch week so make sure to get it at the reduced price while it lasts!

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  • @chosker I bought your game, and I am really enjoying it! I am however disappointed to read a post from four months ago claiming that Multiplayer won’t be in the final verson:( I bought a copy for my cousin, whom I would love to play Elium with.

    If Elium is successful enough, is there a chance that Multiplayer might be added?

  • @samuraigen52 glad you like it so far!
    you are right, there is no multiplayer.
    since the beginning I wanted the chance to do it and that’s why the game is designed like that in some aspects (like the AI abiding by the same rules as the player).
    at some point I spent some time on it and had a semi-working ‘arena multiplayer’ prototype (which I had lots of fun playing with a friend), and later on I had a semi-working prototype of co-op in the prison.
    Both were broken in many places and very sub-optimal in terms of network performance (read: very laggy) so I decided to not split my efforts and try to deliver a more polished single-player experience.
    If the game is successful enough and there’s enough community interest I would definitely consider it

  • I suspect it will have the usual pitfalls for left handed players, prior games made with single unity or other software
    after purchased found out not rebind buttons plus no left handed setup in fact after a heated argument and my
    legal threats to said company, I was refunded for a lot of games that simply didn’t even bother or care about lefties.

    It looks interesting atm tho

  • @Wilt if you scroll up enough you’ll see I already commented on this about a year ago

    to re-iterate: every key in the game is configurable (except for the 3rd person camera alteration keys which are in the numpad). there’s also options to invert mouse movement (X and Y separately)
    there is no left-handed preset but nothing prevents you from re-binding everything into something that would work for you

  • @chosker Sounds good. Thanks for the quick response.

  • I bought the game , i will try it tomorrow ♥

  • cool! I hope you like it :)