The future of Chivalry

  • I’ve been a long time player of Chivalry. I’ve known many great people within it. We’ve all had this understanding of a code of conduct. A code in which we talk to each other like gentlemen. For a long time I’ve taken that for granted. I never truly appreciated the community we had within this game. But we’ve recently had an influx of new players who don’t give a shit on how to act within the game.

    These new players couldn’t care less how to treat one another. They don’t care about any of the traditions that we honor. They even go out of their way to intentionally be toxic. This game is literally dying because of these jackasses.

    We need to step up the number of admins and be very stern against these toxic threats or we will lose our community.

    Some within our community seem to think we’ve already lost it. I hope that’s not the case… but … don’t you want to change that?

    Others and myself have plainly stated that we will be leaving the community entirely if this isn’t resolved. This isn’t a threat. We can’t stand to play within a community of players which we would describe as “COD noobs”.


  • These generic plebs are not worth worrying about tbh. As you might know TB has infact got a lot of new unknown admins
    plus admins who often used false names to join servers . Eventually those types you mention run into an admin and are often
    banned. Also a quick screenie of the scene with a jump to player history or steam> servers to find player profile attached to
    the message you send to an admin speeds up matters. Quickly pop into a chat room paste player id over to admin with if
    needed at least a link to the screenshot by that on imgur or your uploaded shots. It’s quite likely the names often come up
    plus they are already on the case of putting together a ban with its reaons and time of ban together before informing player.

  • @leXith I agree with you man but to be real there are a lot of level 50s that I’ve met that are just as cancerous.

  • I’ve given up.

    There are far too many of these types of players that are crowding the servers now. I can’t have any impact in teaching them and I honestly can’t even game enough of a damn to do so at this point. They are so numerous now that even if I wanted to have an impact it wouldn’t even matter.

    This game is doomed now. I see that now. We had good times and I’ll always miss the chiv community. But this game is dead. I’m just calling it now. I’ll sincerely miss it.


    If you come accross toxic or unruly players that you feel are being disruptive or breaking rules then contact an admin and we will assist you as is necessary.

  • You dont think it could have something to do with all the 50+ ranked players that are continuously stacking up on agatha and using client hacks to ruin everyone’s chiv experience to the point of uninstalling do ya?

  • @RogueDog327 our servers are running VAC; “client hacks” get banned.

    Most of what you’re calling “hacks” is just thousands of hours of practice with the game’s mechanics. I believe that most of those players are likely stacking on the Attacking team rather than a particular faction.

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