ROAG Abusing admin daily on Deadliest Warrior

  • I keep getting banned from all london servers just because roag does not like me.

    Roag has 0 valid reason to ban me. I just play the game normally and he bans me the second he sees me playing. H e bans me daily with no cause. Just because he doesn’t like me. Plain an simple. That is not a valid reason to ban . I have also tried to add roag on steam to confront him about this and he won’t add me. Every time he bans me . the message he writes me is " Should be globally banned". For what ? You ban me multiple times and I am just playing the game like everyone else. This has been going on now for over a month. Its not fair to me and anyone else he is doing this too. I will have more people post here to confirm roag is admin abusing constantly

  • As you can see from this screenshot here - - you are supposed to be globally banned, however for some reason you are still able to play on official servers.

    You know full well why you are banned and were given several warning bans.

    I’m locking this thread. Please use -

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