• Φ Roag: ?
    Dethklok: What do you have agsint me. the only server you had any right to ban me from was your duel server. I am not complaining abou that… You ban me from all london servers just becasue you dont like me?
    Φ Roag: You forgetting following me on LTS to team kill me on purpose
    Φ Roag: The racist comments when I wanred you
    Φ Roag: and the blunder lglitching
    Φ Roag: Or do you have selective memory
    Φ Roag: As I said in your thread, you should be globally banned but it’s broken for some reason
    Dethklok: Yes I did purposly kill you, im not saying i didnt. I also never said anything racist… I called you a faggot… which is not a race.
    Φ Roag: I have all the evidence on video
    Φ Roag: It’s homophobic, which is against the rules
    Φ Roag: I also warning banned you 4 times
    Dethklok: Its not racist
    Φ Roag: It’s discrimatory and against the rules
    Φ Roag: You should be banned
    Φ Roag: you aren’t so I manually ban you
    Dethklok: I " should" be
    Φ Roag: it’s your own fault
    Dethklok: dude just stop banning me for no reason
    Dethklok: if im team killing
    Dethklok: ban me
    Dethklok: but the last 10 times
    Φ Roag:
    Φ Roag: See this
    Dethklok: ive done nothing wrong
    Dethklok: and u ban me
    Φ Roag: this is the head dev accepting my global ban
    Φ Roag: you got 4 bans
    Φ Roag: enough is enough
    Φ Roag: I will ban you everytime I see you
    Dethklok: for no reason
    Dethklok: you just admit it
    Φ Roag: Make an appeal in the appeal thread
    Dethklok: you are banning me
    Φ Roag: I explained my reason
    Dethklok: becasue i broke the rules on your duel server, you think its okay to ban me across all servers?
    Dethklok: wher is the logic in that
    Φ Roag: No, you team killed and glitched on OFFICIAL servers
    Dethklok: im not doing anythign wrong on those other severs. yet you ban me if you see me playing
    Φ Roag: which you know
    Φ Roag: and ignored 4 warnings
    Φ Roag: Normally one is enough.
    Dethklok: you arent the owner of the internet man. You can just ban me because you dont like me. That is abusing your admin.
    Φ Roag: I banned you for breaching official server rules.
    Dethklok: the last 10 time you banned me, was just becasue I was playing
    Φ Roag: If you want to report me use
    Φ Roag: This conversation is over
    Dethklok: i dont want to report you man, I just want to you stop being a dick
    Φ Roag: I will keep banning you until told otherwise
    Φ Roag:
    Φ Roag: Bye
    Φ Roag is now Offline.

  • @dethklok if you continue to post threads of this nature, you will lose any chance at being unbanned. If you have something to dispute, send it directly to us at

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