Chivalry News Room (CNR) Issue #2

  • Due to a lot of stuff going on this week for chivalry, I’m reporting the little stuff today and posting interviews on Sunday 1/15/17…

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    There are reports that after posting something on the forums, that it couldn’t be edited after due to the edit option being non-existant. It was believed that the devs removed the option to edit until the Global Administrator @Roag disproved this, explaining on the Genesis clan topic that it was a bug after an update that is now fixed:

    @Roag said in Genesis Official Clan Thread:

    @hit-trade, @C4KE-from-SP4C3, @SDS-NewAgeKnight Editing hasn’t been removed - there was a forum update which caused editing to break. Fixed now.



    After a not-so-accurate polling (sorry guys) the community said that it was a 100% possibility that the Plebs, lead by @Bennie were going to win the upcoming war against Fade this weekend.



    Another (possibly inaccurate) poll revealed that @C4KE-from-SP4C3 has a 83% approval rating.



    There is talk that some players in the EU also know how to “invis” on command:

    @AST-I-Hitokiri said in Rapidly Spreading Cowards Virus:

    :Everyone Else: everyone in EU is playing it down for its apparent obvious… Even though you can do it with Stabs, Slash & overheads. There isn’t a specific way to tell unless someone does is consistently. The glitch has really put me off playing Chivalry altogether, the only way to parry it is to hear the grunt and parry accordingly.

    First person who I saw doing this glitch is MoleyRobinson But I know he wouldn’t do it competitively because he’s not like that. 4 hours later I come on FFA again and everyone knows about it… This glitch is a a disease and someone is telling people how to do it… So far I still don’t know how to do the glitch and I have no intention of learning it.

    There are also some chivalry vets in the community believe that this bug is as harmeless as U.S. ebola hype:

    @Patriotize said in Rapidly Spreading Cowards Virus:

    Okay. I feel like this is being taken way too seriously. It’s no different than people using exploits to get out of the map or on top of buildings as an archer with C-bow and shield; Or hiding in little spots where your character is unseeable. Obviously it doesn’t belong in the competitive scene but no exploit/glitch has even been allowed? If someone does it to you in a pub lobby, Bill Gates blessed us with this button called RT for a reason.

    @theONEnONLYnado said in Rapidly Spreading Cowards Virus:

    @AST-I-Hitokiri the glitch itselfs really is useless…since it’s time consuming to do and not really reliable when you lose it after you miss a swing…i really can’t see how you would use it in a competitive scenario…i know how to do it…i think i did it to you and you ran away screaming help lol…anyways i agree it could be a pain in the ass if everyone does that but i’m on the same page as patriotize…at the end of the day there isn’t a lot of people who know how to do it…and i trust the people who know are not going to abuse it…so…it’s just for fun…except you cake ,i’ll enjoy your panic parries till the end of my days muahahah



    He’s still banned. Srry.

    More news on Sunday.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz I wondered why there wasn’t as much salt around here


  • @Hoplite-x-Viz that glitch is not effective brother,first of all you can tell if someone is glitched by the heavy breathing,and if you see someone crouching really fast for no apparent reason,then he’s probably doing that, and it’s easy to parry if you know it’s can’t combo and like i said the glitch ends if your stamina gets drained,in fact if you wanna keep it up you have to land every strike and avoid parrying…it’s time consuming to get and really annoying to do over and over again. it’s just a way for messin around with your friends from time to time.honestly i wanted to know how to do it just out of curiosity,i didn’t even do it the day after and i know a lot of people did the same. i think it’s fine if high level players know how to do it,and let’s be honest you can kick people on public lobbies and gank them in free for all so there’s your antidote if someone is really annoying you with it.for all the competitive players this shouldn’t be an issue since it doesn’t belong in competitive matches and if someone does tha can easily be spotted and taken care of. it’s just another broken feature of an already broken game…that’s just my opinion tho

  • @theONEnONLYnado Whats with this force inv swing? Will it be stronger then range running? Who knows?

  • @CypressInstinx said in Chivalry News Room (CNR) Issue #2:

    @theONEnONLYnado Whats with this force inv swing? Will it be stronger then range running? Who knows?


  • @theONEnONLYnado You make a strong case man, I was just saying that there are some people including yourself in this community that have a different opinion of the glitch. That’s all :)

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