Resurrection of the Stygian Blades

  • So I tried to get Neckbeard Knighthood going, but I’ve not heard from Dandy Danderson in weeks, so I ended up talking with my buddy GODSMACK, formerly FurtiveNut53, whom joined a clan with tywilliams named Take The Lead. We’ve not heard from tywilliams in awhile, so after playing Chiv tonight and talking to various people while playing, I’m going to officially resurrect the Stygian Blades as of this post. I will revamp the previous Clan Forum and start hunting new members. So if you guys want a fun honorable clan to join, come find me on here or on Live.

    Cheers, Mates! Long Live the Stygian Blades!

  • Booooo Throws salad

    I’m just fucking with ya welcome back sherun

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