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  • another topic to poke the community into life with ^^

    my idea is for a field battle where players spawn in waves (each team spawning at the same time) and rushing to join the melee in the middle of the field-if you survive until the next wave of reinforcements respawn then you could earn some sort of small xp bonus (I’m persuuming your calling it xp points) and its the usual 100 kills wins objectives. Also the map would have to be very narrow so no sprinting maa or archers could go camping

  • Pole dancing (fun TDM level): 100 kills limit or such, entire battle takes place on basically a square field of poles with gaps between them. Jumping is always possible and takes no stamina. This adds extra mayhem because people really have to watch where theyre walking. If they fall off, they die.


  • would be cool to have a map in the same vein as Hunted was in TFC; You’ve got a large team of 10+ players trying to defend a VIP as he gets from point A to point B, with a small team of <5 assassins trying to whack him. That map type would work well with this game, i think.

  • half-baked idea cookies anyone?

    how about a battle map in some beseiged city- close alleyways with barely any lighting (apart from flaming buildings) and LOADS of rubble strewn areas for of corpses/ masonary/ debris etc

    basically make more maps like the new battlegrounds one :D

  • I recon a map where you are invade the docks of the castle then the castle :P

  • Maps inspired on historical battles.

    Hastings: One team is on the top of a hill, defending an objective, and the attacking team is at the base of the hill. There are plenty of objects for the attacking team to hide behind on their way up, but the defenders have a strong position to defend against them.

    Orleans: Masons control a guard post on the other side of a river from the rest of the city. Agathia can either storm across the narrow bridge with a battering ram or take the long way and come around behind where there are catapults.

    Agencourt: Masons are defending a small fort with an important document, while the Agathians are charging across an ever-narrowing field on top of a hill on their way to the camp. The fort is only as impenetrable as the masons that defend it.

    Stirling Bridge: Capture-the-flag or king-of-the-hill type battle where there is a wide bridge being the main access to either side.

    They’re not exactly like the historical battles, but they take the general idea of the battles (uphill, river siege, narrow field, and bridge) and tweaking them to the benefit of gameplay.

    Just beef it up like you did with battlefield (which looks awesome btw.).

  • @Falc:

    Just beef it up like you did with battlefield (which looks awesome btw.).

    Due to copyright they cant have helms deep in a actual game.
    In a mod it was fine but not in anything they can earn monies from.

  • How about a map based within a castle where as siege has taken place, and it is now up to the defenders to protect their King from assassination. The defenders have been pushed back into the keep of the castle and have to prevent the assailants from finding the throne room and ‘relieving’ the king of his crown.

    Probably have Agatha as the defenders, and the Masons as the attackers.

    There could be all sorts of interesting rooms to come across as you play your way through the castle…

    1. perhaps a multi-level hall with balconies, so that battles can be taking place on multiple levels in the same room, giving archers and quick footed soldiers ample targets to slaughter.
    2. a dungeon full of all the classic torture devices… have the dungeon littered with the corpses of unfortunate souls, maybe even live prisoners in cells.

    These are just a few ideas, but seeing as its a castle there are countless rooms that could be included… kitchens, bedrooms, council chambers, etc.

    This type of map should allow for more rooms, hallways, multiple levels and goodies, seeing as the skybox and external world-terrain wouldn’t need to be as much of a priority (well, depending on where the Masons actually spawn within the castle grounds).

    In addition to the reduced skybox requirements, this kind of close-quarter, hallway and room based combat should keep players on their toes, seeing as any corner or door might bring them to their death.

    …anyway, my 2cents.

  • @Dussan:


    Just beef it up like you did with battlefield (which looks awesome btw.).

    Due to copyright they cant have helms deep in a actual game.
    In a mod it was fine but not in anything they can earn monies from.

    Ah damn you’re right :/. But atleast something similar should be possible (take walls, breach gate, get to the top of the highest tower etc.).

  • Sorry for necropost, but I figure might as well bring a few topics back to life, see if we can breathe some life into the forums again. ;)

    In addition to the historicaly-inspired battles from my previous post, how about a few new ones (Names are always changeable)?

    Hannar (Objective) - Masons have dug themselves into the fortified city of Hannar within the realm af Arathane, with Agatha camped just outside. Agathans have to bring their ladders or siege towers to the walls and take the city gate. Once there, the Agathans must push their battering ram from their camp to the center garrison. There are three or four city spawn points that can be raptured/recaptured. If the Agathans don’t capture them, then the Masons can more effectively drive them from the city, and can attack the battering ram from all sides. If the Agathans capture all four, the Masons can only spawn within the fort, and Agatha has almost free reign of the city unless the Masons manage to drive them out. Once the garrison in breached, Agatha must capture the city flag and/or kill the Mason mayor to win the battle.

    Castle Irridan (CTF) - Located in Irilla, this castle was used by the Mason Order to stage it’s raids against half the continent. The nearby town of Hyman has recently been captured by the returning Agathan Knights. The castle has a commanding view of the city, but the rocky nature of the approach makes it difficult for archers to maintain control once the enemy has gotten near. The city was recently attacked, and it still bears the hole in it’s wall left by the ram, but the Knights have done well shoring up the breach. The Mason lord requires the city be taken by any means, and the Agathan General needs that castle to be his. Both teams need to fight to get the other faction’s flags and return them. Without those flags, help cannot be summoned, and they will be overrun.

    Meyar (DM/TDM) - On the march from Irilla to Old Agatha, the war-wary forces of the Agathan Knights pass through the land of Parodin, rather than Arathane. After leaving the merchant town of Princepae, the army passes through the lightly forrested Meyar River Valley. They stumble upon an encampment of Mason soldiers, who attack them on sight. The factions paint the river valley red with their foes blood until one can stand no longer.

  • I really want to see a map with a stereotypical medieval castle! :k1:

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