• @himaking10 just block him, he does that

  • @Capn-Clinch
    It’s still a stereotype. Not all Canadians drink it. Not all black people like watermelon, not all white people like bland non spicy food, they’re still stereotypes.

  • @Bennie said in FAKE BENNIE:

    @himaking10 Something from a year ago when b00g and I use to stomp eachother in pub TO? LOL you are salty you dont see me making forum posts cause unlike you I’m not a pussy that got 7 - 0d xD get a fucking grip you deluded dribbling streak of pish

    Nice to see how the plebs clan leader acts. Great impression. I’m very intrigued.

  • @Patriotize Indeed. 'Tis why I usually am the Community Manager for Plebs. Everything pretty much goes through me, including throwing axes ;D

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 Once again Cake, you’re the reason these forums haven’t gotten to complete shit sometimes ;)

  • @Patriotize Don’t worry, it’ll happen one day xD

  • @himaking10 yeah fuck bennie

  • @Bennie Brother just shut your mouth you put 0-6 after when i smoking my join at 3am morning when I laughed at your nervourness i got archer-vanguard ( before i join another game where i wrecked you with an archer and you left agaiiiiin what do you want more ?!x)) STOP TALKING NOW little scrub and child

  • i expose you because i feel sooooooo bad in yourself i don’t lke him iI feel too much nervousness in you you must always remain humble even if you are the best in what you do (I reassure you, it is not the case for chivalry x) if it is ME who is salty , WHY did you reported me when it was you who harassed me? Little child who does not like to lose, puerile, childish but you know who is the most puerile in history? It is me because I am really salty of you I close you too much importance I’m going to destroy you now on chivalry do even more the beautiful it goes even you GANG BANG because everybody knows that you are a B I T C H
    had to put you at you re right place , the place of child .

  • So I get banned for joking around with epic and posting an old dueling ss and I see racial/ethnic slurs, the post targets a single player, plethora of shit talk, screenshots, and no ban.

    Tornbanner frowns on racism and yet doesn’t ban the one throwing slurs around and bans the black guy joking with his frand. Gg tornBANner.


    (Satire ^)

  • @GeneralGatelo If I understand you were banned because you posted screenshots? In which world one will not be able to post screeshot on a forum?

  • @himaking10 I posted a ss and defended myself when I was called a cunt by saying I didn’t care what they said. Literally followed the rules and you aren’t himaking. Got no beef with you but you can’t single out people via post. And Jake @Bennie you can use derogatory terms and speak in a demeaning way.

  • @Bennie, @himaking10, @GeneralGatelo If you guys can’t keep it at least semi-decent then stop posting. These forums are in place for you to discuss with each other, not to constantly degrade one and other.

    I’d like to once again make it clear that racism/xenophobia is not tolerated by any Torn Banner staff or Administrators and that any and all instances of such behavior will be dealt with - regardless of ‘who started it’.

    @GeneralGatelo, Reithur explained why you were banned already - there is no need to bring it up on every single thread. In case you need another reminder. If you would like further explanation then I suggest you message Reithur directly or make a separate thread.

    With regard to the screenshots issue - I’m not going to get involved but again you can read Reithur’s explination.

    Regardless, this isn’t the correct thread for disputing your ban or the new policy regarding screen shot’s. Please keep posts on topic and decent or the thread will be locked.

  • @Roag said in FAKE BENNIE:

    @Bennie, @himaking10, @GeneralGatelo If you guys can’t keep it at least semi-decent then stop posting. These forums are in place for you to discuss with each other, not to constantly degrade one and other.

    Why am I tagged in this? I didn’t say anything degrading in this post I merely pondered as to why someone can be banned whilst following the rules and yet these cats blatantly break rules and no one bats an eye?? This forum is biased.

    I’m not disputing anything, I’m already unbanned what is there to dispute its over. It’s not against the rules to point out administrative abuse.

    When a torn banner dev messages me and links me to the rules and says ‘hey follow this or I’ll ban you’ that’s called giving a prerequisite amount of rulings. Those predetermined rulings should be used as a code for what can and what cannot be considered bannable.

    When a prerequisite amount of rules are stated you are expected to follow them. However making up rules on the spot to justify banning is something corrupt, unjust, biased, derogatory, condescending.

    Smh how can you be inciting if someone incited you??

    Smh how can you ban screenshots for chiv on the chiv forums??

  • i don’t all understand but i will continu to post screenshot , i use the forum t ospeak about the game , and quarrel is a thing who exist against clan leader if i want to quarrel in the forum with him because i can’t with my account ( i m banned ) i will do it ^^ so i have many screenshot about our favourite fake leader : @Bennie 2_1484572784822_16128197_154697765019593_831859040_n.jpg 1_1484572784822_16128006_154700405019329_346368432_n.jpg 0_1484572784822_16118439_154697818352921_585674962_n.jpg

    –> More truth about our friend and liar and so false leader Bennette?

    (@Roag you 're true in all you say but i have right to be provocative i don’t say " fuck your mother, son of bitch… etc i just i tease with a virtual ennemy :) )

  • @himaking10 I’d just like to say that the screenshots of 7-1ing Bennie is just banter to be honest xD

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 it 's just to see the message of him " you lying " ^^ The king liar who said this

  • @himaking10 said in FAKE BENNIE:

    @C4KE-from-SP4C3 it 's just to see the message of him " you lying " ^^ The king liar who said this

    It was sarcastic ;D

  • Banned

    @himaking10 LOL how retarded are you for real someone lock this shit before this salty cunt shits his pants and smeers it over my walls next, you post shit that isnt even yours, so this is my last post to you, pathetic scrub, get good and watch as I destroy you in pub FFA again and again so you can cry about that on the forums next

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