• The EU clan comunity is slowly fading away. Not that long ago we had 6,7,8, an entire comunity of worthy fighters. Now we are left with three, and one that has all the best players. This is a message for the clan leaders, amd the clanless. Stop recruiting so much, but instead encourage others to start up their own clan. It’s definately worth it, to make your own little slice of this comunity. Get noobs involved, train them up, get players who aren’t involved but are skilled, involved. We need to kick it back online.

  • Preach!

  • One of the major problems is that the game is very limited many players are only passing through, you really must love the medieval universe to really stay, the fault for lack of novelty … Moreover one must have time to devote to the management of a clan and even try to be present to the training of his clan, it would have to be more attractive thanks to updates and additional content because the game Is really fantastic, chivalry deserves to be more known

  • Bloo ble blah blah WAAAAA WAAAAA wawaaaaa anyone? Anyone?, game died before it was released boi

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