Don't Regulate Screenshots (Defense)

  • “Screenshot plz” -Homura 2016
    “Duel me scrub” -Anonymous

    The behavior policy clearly states “do not post anything disingenous or false”

    Since the beginning of our community on the forums, screenshots have been used to both prove superiority and put a swift end to endless arguements–arguements that would ultimately lead to somebody getting banned, or a topic getting locked.

    In order to comply with this golden rule without causing chaos, we’ve turned to screenshots to pull out the truth from the jaws of lies.

    Lets say the people in charge did away with screenshots:

    How would we prevent disingenous and false posts of users saying “I beat this player in a duel” when it wasn’t really true?

    How would we prevent clans making up false posts about their W/L?

    How would we get a player slandering a player or a clan to stop slandering?


    I’ve got nothing personal against either of these players, but lets be real…Epic had said something about Gatelo in the Genesis Clan Thread:

    @epickillmaster said in Genesis Official Clan Thread:

    Honestly, there is nothing that I can say to this other than kills gatelo, recieves message, message reads “lag”

    ^^^^^^This was the REAL start to the arguement. Gatelo, believing that this was slanderous, responded accordingly:

    @GeneralGatelo said in Genesis Official Clan Thread:

    @epickillmaster> >
    I’m sorry, I don’t speak booty at chiv. Try again.

    alt text

    Next thing you know, everyone else throws their two cents in, gatelo gets banned, and Reithur posts this:

    @Reithur said in Genesis Official Clan Thread:

    @GeneralGatelo since you seem confused about the situation, let me clarify; you were given a temporary ban for inciting another argument. You have received warnings about this in the past.

    As I said, I will be updating the rules to include scoreboard and chatlog screenshots within the next few days so that we can hopefully avoid future arguments started with a screenshot.

    My response: What the fuck? Nonononnononono.

    Gatelo may have been a shit disturber; his ban may have been justified, but DO NOT punish him or the rest of us for that screenshot.

    His arguement with everyone else was not justifed. His use of the screenshot was absolutely positively 100% justified.

    He did what many of us would do in the situation: he saw slander about his supposed lack of skill, and in response he posted proof that would disprove Epic’s statement about him.

    The defense rests your honor.

    Viz, medieval attorney at law.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz
    Posting a screenshot of 7-0ing Epic does not dispute what Epic said though. If Epic had said he beats Galeto all the time, then the screenshot would have been a direct answer. In this case, Galeto even admitted to messaging people lag and the screenshot is just there to belittle Epic. Obviously Epic is at fault as well.

    Wanted to point that out first. I don’t think screenshots should be prohibited though.

  • Banned

    @Hoplite-x-Viz just to be clear there is no salt between gatelo and I and we both know that that ss was a friendly jab at me… the argument that followed was not expected…

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz Despite my obvious disputes I 100% agree with you. For me the issue was never over Epic and I am blown away at how it was that little screenshot that blew out of control. Screenshots, while being used for lame bragging a lot, can also help to nip a lot of disputes in the bud. It’s wrong to take away what stems from the spirit of competition simply because of the troubles of a few.

  • Yah I have no beef with epic we were just joking around with each other. I mean obv I blame lag when I die but epic never kills me so that’s the point of the ss as you said viz. And I do agree that reithur doesn’t have to further justify banning me by removing screenshots. I don’t wanna ruin the fun for everyone lol. Maybe just screenshots notorious to cause controversy.

    All in all if ss are removed then we can blame the 6 guys who bukkaked me in epics honor. He doesn’t need your defending. You escalated the conversation by all putting your two cents into a conversation where you lack relevance. Freedom of speech and all but you could just let epic present his case and up vote it. Let the man fight his own battles or in this case joke around because you peeps didn’t understand the seriousness of our post.
    I laughed my ass off when epic said that because I specifically remember when epic randomly sat me down I messaged him saying lag. However I had to counter his shitpost. What better way with a 7-0 ss? Quick and easy and I didn’t have to come up with something as clever as epics post lmfao…

  • Banned

    @GeneralGatelo to be fair… the only way I kill you 99.9% of the time is with an arrow from across the map… although that day I’m fairly cirten I invizaheadshotted you with a short bow lol

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz Wouldn’t just Sharing the Screenshot on xbox itself or making a Xbox Club purelt for Screenshots be easier?

  • @AST-I-Hitokiri These forums have become our place of gossip tbh. People in this community have a thing for wanting to say things publicly, so they say it here. This goes for, but not limited to, slander and screenshots too.

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