peace and love ( PNL lol )

  • I just want to post this last topic.
    In the name of goodwill and understanding in each of us, I wish to make peace with Bennie. We are only on a virtual game, to find ourselves banned makes us pass for silly people and to amuse the curious. If someone does not like us we have to do with, do not give it importance here in this case do not fight with him on the public servers. As a clan leader I apologize for my childish behavior for wanting to denigrate someone (no matter what happened).
    To finish I would just like to say that chivalry rises a lot to the head of some, my behavior was only to challenge this kind of behavior (arrogant, not just sarcasm for some) that reinforces hostilities between countries, we are smarter than that if we all like to play Chivalry to have fun. Have a good night on this beautiful game!

  • The French surrenders and wants peace. Didnt see dat coming huehuehue jk

  • @himaking10 you did nothing wrong maybe you took it too far on the forums but you have nothing to apologize

  • This post is deleted!

  • @SnipeDaNugget lol i’m french but i have 2 culture ( french/algerian) so i know where i live and what my country did(bad things) so i don’t surrender, i just try to be fair lol

  • @theONEnONLYnado Thank you but I insulted Bennie on the forums and by message on the xbox so I’m not white ^^ and I gave myself in public

  • @himaking10 im French aswel but I went to get better at english because I speak it not very well

  • @SnipeDaNugget where are you come from?

  • @himaking10 I am from Paris:)

  • @himaking10 still…i know he deserved every piece of it,props for being more mature than him…just don’t expect him to answer on this topic,even if he does he’ll do the same next time…thats just the way it is

  • @theONEnONLYnado if he’s a good cland leader i will be fair i think he’s not so dumb

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