CTF in Chivalry

  • Im thinking, for the kinda game it is, 1 flag pushed to the enemy flag stand. One flag that spawns in a random midfield point. I just dont see actual ctf gameplay working, and instead ending up with 0-0 games. Why the midfield Flag push would work for this kinda game.

    The fact that, after the flag has been grabbed, it can go just about anywhere. The person that carry’s the flag is just as vulnerable as someone carrying a torch.

    We run the flag to your base, we get a point.

    soory, bad edits.

  • I like this idea. Standard CTF would either end up in one team zerging the other because they don’t work together to defend, or both teams turtling and nothing happening.

  • Ruins is the official CTF map already. Not sure why it isn’t ready yet?

  • I love this idea.

  • your base? well that sounds like very suicidal to me. im happy to carry it to my base ….

  • I can’t say why CTF isn’t ready yet, but I can say it is in progress.

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