Game Crashes on Server List

  • When the server list is populating, the game crashes entirely. I tried doing validate integrity cache, but it didn’t work.

    Edit: Note: It did not do this before. It was only after whatever the latest patch on the beta did it start doing this.

  • delete the Chivalry Folder in USER/MYGAMES , than it works, but the problem is still there.
    We must wait for a fix :(

  • Happening to me, too.

    Somebody else reported they lost their unlocks after doing this. I don’t know if this is universal or is unrelated, but I’d be careful.

  • same over here.
    for me it works when i treat the game in a gentle way lol^^, which means that i have to wait for like 30 seconds or 1 minute before i go to the server browser. (sometimes i even give a massage to my computer…).then it wont crash.
    starting chivalry and directly go to the server browser kills it for me.

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