Too many feints

  • Why does everyone feint against me? It’s actually getting a little annoying.

  • They start doing it when I get advantage over them after not falling for their RT spam.

  • @CharonOfTheStyx they do it every swing, and I ALWAYS fall for it. It’s one of the few things that actually piss me off in this broken game.

  • Well although the game has some broken features to it, you do realize feinting is an actual technique that the developers purposely put into the game right? I barely feint when I duel but I have found that feinting a lot against people who feint a lot, works quite well. Apparently they spam their feints but can’t even read them. Just grab a couple buds with different play styles and have them help you practice reading. Or pull a Gallius and kick them when they’re about to feint lol. Works just as well. Work on your footwork as well to be able to manipulate your angles on them. We have our disagreements and head hunts now and then, but @GeneralGatelo is a good person to ask to help with footwork. Damn good at it. Or duel River Jet. Another good way to practice feint reading.

  • But I agree, feinting is really lame and I’m not fond of people who do it a lot. I like the good ol’ stamina drain stand off. Those are true Chiv duels

  • @Patriotize that’s the way I play, my footworks beautiful. I just hate when people abuse it. Kinda like how Infinity Ward put the thumper and the noobtube In MW2, and people abused that too, simply over the fact that it’s OP asf

  • Feinting is apart of the game for a reason, to use it to make the opposing fighter panic Perry. Which was a very much used tactic I’m sword Warfare. If it pisses players off so bad get yo feint reads up son. You think in war they were like. “Ight bro I know we fighting to the death but don’t Feint me, it’s gay and pisses me off” xD nah. Feints are apart of the game to be used, point blank.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight LOL did you just say feint are real? You probably think they actually blocked and swing like that too right? Medieval Warfare was as far from Chivalry as it could possibly be. A duel was meant to be fought quickly, using the deadly combination of precision and a sharp blade to find the chinks in the armor, and a parry was literally a deflection of the opponents blade, if they blocked like that, it would send terribly violent vibrations up the duelers arm, probably causing him to drop the blade, depending on the weapon. Medieval Warfare was absolutely brutal, and many of the weapons they used were quite ingenious. Point being, the whole game is broken and all I’m saying is I think it’s a little too powerful of a move to be using EVERY SWING. Like throwing one in here and there is understandable. I just don’t think it should be abused, that’s all.

  • @Lucy-Loose Bro if you think feints were not a technique used I’d sword Warfare then you truly need to do your research lol. And if we are talking about this from a video game aspect then using something a lot the game gives you to use is not abuse, it’s doing what you have to do to win. You don’t decide to not use all you have to work with because you disagree with the tactics. Also some you guys make feints out to be this unstoppable force that can’t be defended. I prefer to fight heavy feinting fighters because they leave themselves wide open for swing ins and drain there spam much faster. Also I only fall for a very small fraction on feints. Feint reading is a crucial part of being decent player in this game. Use all the tools the game gives you to win and keep your awareness up to read your opponent’s moves and fighting style.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight All a matter of opinion then, eh? And what is an invis swing, I got reported again or I would’ve asked you yesterday.

  • @Lucy-Loose if you’re playing Chivalry for an immersive medieval experience, then you’re playing the wrong game. Feints are a balance between the weapons, and if feints weren’t in the game, the game would be become stamina wars, which are boring. Feints add a whole layer of skill to the game. They aren’t broken, in my opinion. You can avoid them, by footwork, prediction, double parries, and gambles.

  • @Lucy-Loose said in Too many feints:

    Why does everyone feint against me? It’s actually getting a little annoying.

    Gatelo Confirmed

  • There’s a plethora of techniques to avoid falling for feints. I recommend holding your parry. However Lucy your ping on east makes it unplayable and you’re very susceptible to feints as you are required to parry early. Yeah I’m Mekel can read feints at high ping so can sinpotent and big fatty. Just gitgud mane or stay on easy west coast.

    Ping chart for reference.
    90 borderline bad
    104 bad
    120 really bad
    190 unplayable

    On central I get 30-40
    On east I get 64-72
    On west I get 74-82

    @SDS-NewAgeKnight @hit-trade @Lucy-Loose
    Website where I got this info…

  • One thing I’d add about feints. Some feints are harder to read than others, and could probably use a bit of balancing (SoW stab feints being the usual main issue.)

    Most of this was mentioned above, but if you’re falling for all feints, that’s a skill issue. Most overhead and slash feints aren’t that bad, and if you do fall for a feint, you can avoid a lot through footwork.

    Certain weapons have stricter turn caps, like poleaxe. If they stab feint you, or really just stab you at all, just run to their side, they will most likely not be able to turn in time. You can also double parry late feints if you fall for them early and the attack has a decent windup. Matrix, back up or turn and jump away to create distance and time to get your parry back up.

    Lastly, to make them easier to read, maintain distance when you don’t have initiative. It gives you more time to differentiate between real and feinted attacks and more room to avoid them and punish. Maintaining initiative also allows you to control the fight and keep them from having the opportunity to feint.

    Galeto is correct that higher ping makes it more difficult. Not necessarily to read them, but for your parry to actually work. I usually don’t bother reading at real high ping and just footwork or double parry. Or gamble out of laziness.

    Oh, edited to add: learning your opponent’s tendencies makes prediction easier. Most people aren’t truly random, and will feint in a certain pattern. If you find they almost always start with a stab feint, or always combo feint after a successful attack, you can predict it and start your own attack. If you predict wrong, either FTP or hit trade if you want. This is a little different from gambling, but is still chance based.

  • @Lucy-Loose

    @Lucy-Loose said in Too many feints:

    @SDS-NewAgeKnight LOL did you just say feint are real? You probably think they actually blocked and swing like that too right?

    Bruh feinting is a real sword technique. until I can find a better source here’s wiki.

    Official definition:

    "a deceptive or pretended blow, thrust, or other movement, especially in boxing or fencing:
    “a brief feint at the opponent’s face”

    People gotta stop being salty about getting tricked. That’s all this game is (if you remove lag and glitchiness out of the equation.) Be greatful you aren’t getting phantom swing or rainbow spammed.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz to that extent, they are not realistic is what he meant. Or at least that’s what it seemed like…

  • @Knight-Kauser quite so. I’m not saying don’t feint. Just don’t overly use it, that’s all. When someone runs up with a Messer and fronts in your face, no amount of footwork can escape that.

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 Private upload the war soon? I’ll pay you

  • @GalliusYEET I’ll do it sometime today man. But I wonder why you’re so eager… maybe because I know you merced for Fade ;)

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 Hit me with the link?

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