Just a few questions... Modding support, competitive and LTS.

  • I have always been a fan of Chivalry and i am glad to see you guys are taking this game in this direction, i think it will be really exciting and refreshing to dive into this new world, but, i want to know if there will be a Last Team Standing Game mode available - i have always had great fun charging head to head, and death having a huge effect on the outcome of the round. I’m also really interested if a competitive ranking system will be implemented similar to League of Legends or Rainbow Six Siege, as i am quite a competitive player. Hoping to participate in the Alpha testing, loving what i have seen so far. Thank you.

    Oh and, modding support?

  • i also have a question , will there be only 6vs6?
    will it be like chivalry where you can pick servers that have a bigger player limit?

  • @JamesEsq We’re not quite ready to talk about these topics yet, but we’ll be able to soon!

    @mekenzis player counts per server are not yet finalized.

  • Ah, ok, any chance I could have a Key for the next round, excited to get a true feel of the game. Thank you.

  • @JamesEsq I’ve added you to the list for next round!

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