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  • Anyone know of any Polish servers ? Trying to find servers with ping below 60 from Wroclaw - Poland no luck so far - internet connection is not the case (10-40 ping max in other games). The game server providers have the closest server in frankfurt which is not good enough. Any dedicated populated polish servers ?

  • so far there is no Polish servers yet

    i am trying to find some polish clans but with no success…. now i am thinking of creating my own clan and buy a server for them


  • I will create polish servers but it will take some time - need to wait for my serwer specialist to have some spare time - tried to create serwer on my own but with no luck - serwer window is just blank (empty) I think it’s normal but the serwer is not showing in the browser - waited about 12h for it to appear no succes - beeing a noob :) must wait for the right guy who will know how to do this.

  • You wont see the server in the ingame browser so dont even wait for it.
    The only way I know of how to join your server when you are on the same local network is via console
    open 192.168.x.x:7777 or even without port if you just have one server.

    But you should be able to see your server here for example and even here it can take up to 30 min for it to show up.
    http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php? … ocation=SI

    This is my server and I even started 2 and only one showed up so far…… :?

    However I’m suprised if you say that German servers are no good for you…

  • Welcome again! There are 6 Polish servers located in Warsaw. The pings are much better (around 20-50) for PL users. HAVE FUN AND SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD!

    MoRszczuki MIX|PL -
    MoRszczuki TO|PL -
    MoRszczuki LTS|PL -
    MoRszczuki CTF|PL -
    MoRszczuki DUEL|PL -
    MoRszczuki TDM|PL -

    To connect not using a browser type in the console one of the fallowing:

    More info (in Polish): www.nuclearIT.pl - servers sponsor site.

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