Beta access?

  • Greetings

    Need any more beta testers for the beta phase? Would love to apply to be one, granted you will want stats from a South African player (ping averages between 200 - 220 ms).

  • @Vexarus we don’t currently have any servers in South Africa, but we do have servers in Western/Central Europe, Russia (and South America, but I don’t believe there’s a direct dataline between South America and Africa).

    I have added you to our list to receive a key for next round, but it’s as you say; you’ll likely have high ping.

  • @Reithur Thanks Reithur :)

    Yes I am aware of the servers, I play Chivalry on EU servers. 200 ms might seem alot to people, but it is barely noticeable with Chivalry (have a fibre home connection)

    Looking forward to test Mirage :D

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