XCCC Looking For New Members (Application Thread)

  • Hello there everyone! As most or all of you know by now, the XCCC is now fully established in the way we want it to be. We are now looking for new members to help us create a better community for everyone else. You must be committed and be available most times during the weekend and week if necessary.

    Everyone has the chance to apply. Please format your application like it is below.

    Example Application Format:

    Reasons for applying:
    What do you think you could contribute to our committee:

    After an application has been posted, the XCCC will review said application and get back to you about having a formal interview.

  • Name: James/Isla (not sure if you want my real name so here’s both)
    Age: 18
    Region: EU
    Reasons for applying: I want to do what I can to help improve the Chivalry Community and ensure it lasts as long as possible.
    What I think I can contribute to the XCCC and Community: What I lack in 360 experience and top 10 skills I like to think I make up for in Leadership and enthusiasm, one problem clan leaders have is giving up after a big loss and this is something I believe I can help people avoid, especially when it comes to loss of clan members, it is at this point most clan leaders are most likely to disband and this is something I want to discourage.

  • @TheKnightOfIsla And that’s the only time I’ll brag about something xD

  • @TheKnightOfIsla thank you feel applying. We will look it over. Expect a reply in a couple days.


  • Name: TGL Bestintroll/Alex
    Age: 15
    Region: EU
    Reason for applying: I want to help make the community grow and become less salty.
    What I think I can contribute to the XCCC: I have past experience in being a salty player so I know how salty players act and think therefore I know what can make them become less salty by analyzing the individuals mind, playstyle and rage habit.

  • @SnipeDaNugget Thank you for applying. We shall review your application and get back to you as soon as we can.

    Thanks - SP4C3 C4KE

  • Name:Jens/AST I Erebos
    Reason for applying:I want to make clans more attractive for new players.I want to make the Community more international.
    What can i contribute for the XCCC:I can talk to people that would like to join a clan.When i joined AST i think i was the only member who was not British.So i can tellgerman and new players how it is to be in a Clan.I have seen some low level german in the last few days.We should write in the Xbox one clubs that there is a tornbanner forum.At the end i want to say thanks to the AST Crew and the chivalry comunity for so much fun.

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 sarcasm? that acc is a fake

  • @AST-I-Erebos Thank you very much for applying. We will review your application and get back you as soon as possible.

    @MaHarold Then we’ll review it as a fake account and not take it seriously.

  • Banned

    @C4KE-from-SP4C3 nah I talked to snipe the other day… that is Bestintroll so we must regard his application the same as we do everyone elses

  • @epickillmaster Understood.

  • You guys act like this is a job interview smh…

    What has the XCCC done to increase the player base and activity? In other gaming communities they implement strategies to actually increase the community and activity.

  • @GeneralGatelo We haven’t put anything into motion yet. But we are about to very soon.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight and who has experience in further increasing a games activity playerwise? I mean I don’t know anyone’s past but I’ve led a clan with 300+ on a game I played before this with a community of 10,000. They had a plethora of strategies to help increase player base and player activity, however I can’t see the XCCC doing so.

    What hosting a tourney is supposed to bring new players in when only 10% of chiv players even use the forums?

    I look at the XCCC and all I see is a group of friends (you have to be in their circle to be accepted, or played 360. Same thing.) who created a group and are pretending to be doing something. We have a HUGE wave of Christmas noobs but half of them may have tried chiv, hated it and quit the game by the time you implement these secret techniques, because no one is there to guide them.

  • @GeneralGatelo My duel league and tournament is Completely separate from the ClanWar scene and xccc, on everything else you said, we shall see 😊

  • Banned

    @GeneralGatelo why don’t you post an application then…

  • @GeneralGatelo exactly you dont get accepted if you are not in there friend circle. I was perfectly qualified but they all refused me.

  • @SnipeDaNugget I feel like its probably more to do with your reputation, even if you’re sincere about becoming mature you still have a past of being well…A troll

  • @SnipeDaNugget I have already explained the reasoning for rejecting your application. This “circle of friends” has nothing to do with who is accepted and who isn’t. Please do not express your concerns publicly. If you have a complaint then please message me about it.

  • @epickillmaster I’m not gonna post an application because I don’t wanna be in some group that probably won’t do anything to help Chiv grow and yet claim to do exactly so. No offense to newage because he does things out of xccc that helps Chiv stay alive.

    At the end of the day It’s a non-debatable fact that most of the members have a very hackneyed mindset towards the game, excluding newage ofc because hes very accepting of a plethora of aspects within the game he even accepts the invisible swinging bullshit.

    Point being, you guys are trying to make yourself to be something you’re not. No one has experience or the means to increase the player base and overall activity, which is what you were founded for. So many people laughed at how serious you were taking this like it was a job interview lol. If you truly wanted the further betterment of the community you wouldn’t have denied bestintroll simply because he’s not in your clique or whatever reasons. You could’ve just gave him a remedial task of inputting players gamer tags that play similar games to Chiv and messaging them about the game, trying to increase the player base. Persons could also utilize redit amongst other forums and social media outlets to get more players. Now for activity you can give a reward to players who are very active, you can implement some type of newbie help system where instead of the new players getting teamed up on and ganked until they quit the game you would have someone teach the basics not included in the tutorial. You’d have a Xbox live club where you could invite new players and they could ask any question and you’d have community helpers who would help answer these aforementioned questions to the best of their ability.

    There’s a spate amount of techniques you guys can implement that can help, however; you guys have yet to do anything but have some elitist profession application when there’s no money involved. And you deny possible members… no one in the xccc to my knowledge has experience in increasing a community. smh rant over. Do something to help Chiv grow. Until then stop acting so elitist.

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