Does Kendo have to be mandatory?

  • Okay so clans play differently. We play more Team Objective, actually that’s all we do. A lot of other clans are usually strictly in Free For All lobbies. I suppose we could in fact just play more Free For All or practice on dueling. But a lot of you will strictly play Knight or strictly play Vanguard, but let me bring this point up: I strictly play archer. So if you strictly play your class, and I strictly play mine, you use melee as your advantage and I use range and stealth as mine. I wouldnt say its COMPLETELY a skill thing, I’d say if its me 1v1 against Homura or hell any of you, in a small circle with a cudgel that isn’t as effective as it was on the 360 is kind of bs. Hit trading is the worst thing about the one in my opinion because the arrows for some reason no longer one shot an archer unless its a heavy crossbow and my cudgel wont stop a knight with a messer he just has to swing at the same exact time as me and im dead af.

    Not saying I haven’t killed any of you with a cudgel before

    Last team standing is okay because I have a team, I’m allowed to have range and be sneakier. Some of you will say ‘well its not fair because you have arrows and you can kill me before I swing a sword’ Not true mfs I miss all the goddamn time. And you could tech use a shield.

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    @XSPARTACUSX as stupid as I think they are (common theme here… the people who don’t main the knight or Vanguard don’t duel… hmmmm) kendos are part of wars because they showcase individual talent in the clan. People who’s talent is not dueling get, however, are not represented and this bothers me but I have learned to live with it.

  • @XSPARTACUSX As long as the other leader agrees it’s possible to do no kendos.

  • @epickillmaster Yeah I understand the point of Kendo, in the sense like: We have better players, individually. But look at the gameplay itself on the xbox 1 version.

    We cannot stop anyone in mid swing anymore. So should I just not participate because my class is skillfully ranged?

    Kendo isn’t even close to being considerate of all the classes. Not to sound like a B.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight That’s at least a fair answer. Whats the point in walking into an a** whooping

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    @XSPARTACUSX I feel the same way, I’ve just been in this community for too long to think that it’s ever going to change. I personally think that in a clan war it should be a 4v4 with one of every class represented or a 6v6 but have no more than 2 of any one class on the battlefield. Armies were not made of just nights and vanguards, therefore we should fight like small armies

  • @XSPARTACUSX If we scrim/war in the future we can scrap kendos 😊

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight Awesome man appreciate the cooperation

  • @epickillmaster I honestly think clan wars shouldn’t be any less than 12v12. And if you don’t have 12 members? That’s what allies are for. I think some people in the game DO play with lag tricks and use certain weapons and swing at different parts of the body because they want to win so they use these little tricks and don’t share said tricks. That being said, pull that s** in a 12v12 lobby their tricks might not work as well.

  • @XSPARTACUSX SDS will definitely accept a 12v12 Team Objective Scrim/War if any clan wants to do it.

  • @XSPARTACUSX i don’t have 12 members, but I’m down to participate in this

  • @hit-trade I was trying to bring some thing to light before, allies. I think it would be pretty badass to do a 12v12 and have different teams show up. That’s what friends are for right? Vanquishing your enemy from the face of the earth.

  • @XSPARTACUSX SDS and old Atom incorperated kendos into the community as a way of flexing individual might; essentially, showing that the “links” are just as strong as the “chain” itself.

    As a clan member you never wanna be the weakest link.

    Hell, Leonidas explains it well:

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz

    See I don’t think you understood me but I appreciate the history lesson. Kendo is only made for two classes. the archer is deadly in any other field. we have some of the best archers. So how bout we just add an archer tourney. That’s about how fair that is for me for kendo. And I wouldn’t take me up on that I’ve seen other clans archers and unless you are Mister Twiggz it ain’t gonna go the way you want it. Not trying to sound like an a** just trying to rebuttal your point which was good! But still not entirely correct.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz


    Archer= ranged

    Your point is well whoever is best on the field. great point. But that particular set up is strictly for melee. And the battlefield as other weapons than a sword.

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    @XSPARTACUSX you and I should work together to set up and archer tourney for some time next month

  • @XSPARTACUSX Usually as it pertains to archer mains during clan wars leaders would hold them in reserve during the kendos and utilize them during all out LTS, TDM, and TO.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz
    That’s usually what I hate not participating. I’m going to start an equal rights for archers protest and line the streets of all the major cities

  • @XSPARTACUSX You got a point but if the XCCC were to incorperate archers in kendos it would have to be vs another archer or secondaries only as a compromise.

  • @XSPARTACUSX Theres a reason why most of the community views throwing axes as a penalty during kendos as well.

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