Does Kendo have to be mandatory?

  • @XSPARTACUSX Usually as it pertains to archer mains during clan wars leaders would hold them in reserve during the kendos and utilize them during all out LTS, TDM, and TO.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz
    That’s usually what I hate not participating. I’m going to start an equal rights for archers protest and line the streets of all the major cities

  • @XSPARTACUSX You got a point but if the XCCC were to incorperate archers in kendos it would have to be vs another archer or secondaries only as a compromise.

  • @XSPARTACUSX Theres a reason why most of the community views throwing axes as a penalty during kendos as well.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz

    Absolutely agree. Good debate I saw both sides

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    @Hoplite-x-Viz tbh I’m feeling an all archer kendo… solves all the problems ;P

  • @epickillmaster I think everybody is in agreement now that Kendo can be agreed upon, I have some guys that really like doing Kendo, BELOWME does, but like I said I wouldn’t be able to use my class in it so we might not ever want to do Kendo. Especially with the lack of players now a days we can barely afford for me to not participate.

  • Going Archer with a heavy Jav is meta. Cudgel and sabre are great as well.

    Kendos are typically only Knights or vanguards simply because those are the competitive dueling classes. You can argue that MAA is good as well and I can concur that statement if the MAA isn’t using his spot dodge as a crutch. However in saying that most of the high level maa’s on pc rely on it for when they get feinted and miss parry.

    You can kendo with an Archer or Maa, in a 1v1 situation archer and Maa can come out on top and that’s all kendo is, 1v1.

    If I was forced to go archer I’d probably go heavy jav or sling with lead balls, and when my opponent gives the the opportunity I’d land a javelin toss. It’s possible it’s just people lack the skill. Maa is seen on EU because their server runs the best on console rn.

    Smoothest servers rn

    But yah point being you can win as archer. Just get your melee game up.

  • @GeneralGatelo I agree with everything you said up until the last part. Yeah you can Kendo with an archer. I have before and what I’ve noticed is I will go STAB STAB STAB Knight blocks I go to counter block right away but instead of blocking his swing it will go through me and with the fastest swing Ive ever seen, I end up dead. Now if I was Kendoing against a man at arms, you are absolutely correct, I wouldn’t have as much to complain about, but if I don’t get to use arrows, maa doesn’t get to do his dodge sliding s****.

  • @XSPARTACUSX then that’s just your own fault lol.

    You can literally stab, spot dodge around the Knights parry, stab, dodge stab, dodge, stab and kill a knight.

    Plenty of MAA have enough skills to compete vs knights. I recently did a 3v3 kendo vs midas and we had a MAA on our team Chillin Dlyn and we won 7-2.

    Listen dog, if you wanna play Maa in kendo… Gitgud. Ask @MaHarold or other good MAAs like senpai dash on exactly how to do so. Do your research and learn more about your class via pc videos. Try youtubing terriper or finding a Maa main and implement it into your own playstyle. Gl

  • @GeneralGatelo Okay then you be an archer and fight Belowme

  • @GeneralGatelo Wait, I’m not a man at arms, what do you mean

  • You typically use bows as an archer. Your argument isn’t archer in kendo it’s archery skills via bows and crossbows being tested in clan wars.

    If you wanna be an archer in kendo it’s meta for you to play heavy jav and just use the shield exploits. For instance I can get parried run and jump away whilst I ready my jav and throw it before the enemy can swing again hitting him in his wind up… if you have the accuracy.

    Archer in kendo can be a real thing if you have the skill. Work on your melee combat via heavy jav and learn how to effectively disengage and capitalize on those aforementioned disengages. If the knight is stammed out and temporarily stops then that’s your moment of opportunity to throw a jav.

    A heavy jav can kill a knight in 3 stabs, similar to the sow and Halberd. It’s the meta weapon for archer in melee kendo. Imo, I’ve seen knight of night play shortbow jump away and weapon swap land a headshot weapon swap back while looking down to avoid the enemies slash and continuing the fight.

    My point being
    It just takes skill

  • @GeneralGatelo Just for the record I’m not saying I can’t beat anybody in a melee fight as an archer I kill knights and vanguards all the time, I’m saying the battle is one sided. If I can get more players I’d be willing to sit out for Kendos because I like watching them, but theres just not enough players anymore.

  • @GeneralGatelo I was told there is absolutely no ranged weapons allowed in combat

  • @XSPARTACUSX I’ve heard axe throwing isn’t allowed however if you give the archer the opportunity to utilize his multipurpose weapon you should be punished for doing so.

    I’ve never heard that rule. I remember once competiting in a kendo and the archer had a heavy crossbow and dagger. When his turn came up he’d bow and shoot then run into battle.

    The XCCC keeps trying to make up rules because they need some type of fulfillment. At the age of 15 I was the leader of a clan with over 300 members and was one of the most influential people in the community of 10,000 people. We had NA EU and OC members online at all times during the day and I became a server moderator. These guys just wanna make up some rules for fairness without actually being fair. At the end of the day Archer is a thing in kendo with heavy jav, 3 hit knight and 2 hit vanguard. Google shield exploits and heavy jav guides.

    The fact of the matter is if you talk to the clan you’re warring they can agree or disagree to any term you offer.

  • Yeah I don’t get it either as far as all the rules go but newage and homura said they didn’t care if it was included or not. So we shall see. And I’ll look into that heavy jav. We do have a papasmurf and he’s the deadliest javelin player I’ve ever seen

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    @GeneralGatelo @XSPARTACUSX the meta for kendo has always been no projectiles of any sort. The only reason no one ever worried about anything but throwing axes and knives is because no one uses Archers in kendos. The only person I have ever seen step into a kendo in a serious war was me and I killed one (rather unskilled) knight and got traded by the others

  • @epickillmaster I have stepped in, in the past as well, but my team usually ends up yelling at me to switch to a vanguard or knight and that actually is a worse idea. See if I got to use a short bow I might get two or three shots off before ole boy comes rolling up.

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    @XSPARTACUSX personally I would go sling pebble because why not cancel every swing they use and put a knight in full blown rage mode… makes it wayyyyy easier to kill them

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