Australian and NZ Chivalry Server DDOSING

  • Lately, the Australian and NZ servers have been continuously DDOSED by a group of players. This is extremely frustrating as we cannot stay on a server longer than 5 minutes until it gets DDOSED and we all get kicked from the server; henceforth we cannot join that server for about 5 minutes. This has lead to more than half of our community quitting the game, and has corrupted the AU and NZ competitive scene. TB please do something about this if you have a care for our community.

  • This happens really often every server I join 5 mins later ddosed… It’s gotten to the point where people in the chat of the game have found out where the people are dossing from live!!! Please fix this issue thanks

  • We are investigating this issue.

  • A comment by Redemption on one of the private server groups for chivalry, the one who has admitted to DDoSing.

    0_1485396797965_Redemption's comment on PH group comment section.png

    Steam group page:

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