Packetloss is too high

  • Is there any recommended settings to fix this? Some players can have over 5/s :/

    Best regards

  • @DUM High packetloss is usually due to a Wifi/wireless connection to the internet and is complicated by local wifi interference; playing with a wired connection (ethernet cable) significantly reduces packetloss.

  • @Reithur Well, the server is in a server location, so I got a ethernet connection ofcourse ^^ It’s the settings that’s going bananas i think :P

  • @DUM you cannot fix other player’s connection for them; the packetloss likely is on their end.

  • @Reithur But it seems like it’s server based since i also got packet loss :/

  • @DUM There are many other things that can cause packetloss; firewall settings, port forwarding, quality of the router, and quality of the internet infrastructure in that region. It could be on your end or the server’s end.

    You’re saying the server is in a server farm somewhere? Have you contacted your server host about the packetloss?

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