Beat spear user in Chiv?

  • Who is the best spear user in chiv I’m trying to be the best but I do not know who’s in my way.

  • SerSkellyman

  • @epickillmaster He’s PC…

  • @MaHarold no… he’s xbox

  • This post is deleted!

  • he made two threads with this wtf

  • oh im fucking confused

  • @MaHarold sameeee

  • @epickillmaster just gonna listen to some more ac dc
    dont look at the clock, time goes faster ;)

  • @MaHarold I’m just going to continue lurking on the forums

  • @Ventralkillakam Addy wasn’t bad
    Space cakes pretty effective.
    Im not bad
    team weapon for sure

  • @MaHarold uurrr bahhhd kiiiiddddd

  • I used to be xbox spear king but serskellyman beat me in a duel (7-5) so he is now the best.

  • im the OG spear user. probably the best too, and I don’t even use it

  • @hit-trade said in Beat spear user in Chiv?:

    im the OG spear user. probably the best too, and I don’t even use it

    I acknowlege that you beat me spear vs spear a long time ago idk if a screenshot exists or not.

    As for the others…

    Addy, meh. He’s not gamble proof. I gave him a beatdown when I was in Clinch’s clan. But to be fair the spear rt gave me a considerable advantage.

    Against Serskellyman it boiled down to stab accuracy and interruption timing. At times it was a pure riposte war.

    Never seen Harold or Space using a spear but considering their skill ill give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz I’m decent with the spear on my own server but I use the Zweihander much more than the spear. Harold however is… amazing with the spear. Not sure how he would perform if it was spear vs spear though :/

  • Brandistock for that stabby feelz.

  • @AST-I-Theseus I used to be a pure Brandistock user back on the 360. It’s a great weapon because it can pull off a two shot knight kill with good enough aim. It can also easily two shot every other class. However the spear is faster and has greater range. This means that unless the enemy is all knights the Spear is your better choice as it can still two shot everything except the knight and can still 3 shot a knight. In a 1v1 the Spear SHOULD always win over the stock as well. It’s all about personal choice though, this is simply my opinion.

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