Scripters / Team Needed!!!

  • Heya!
    I’m starting a Competitive project, and I can’t do everything by myself. So i’m in need of scripters / a team.

    The Project is called “FragField”, and the point of it is to bring the community together and being able to actually achieve a rank based on skills instead of playtime. There will be Gathers / Tournaments and Ladders. And it wont work without scripts.

    So if you know Anything about Plugin Scripting / Servers / HTML / JS / CSS / PHP and so on and are interested in joining the project, feel free to add me on steam!

    If you are interested of being an Admin in this project, please make a comment in this post and explain why I should choose you! :)

    If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask!

    Best Regards

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