Banned by a power abusing Admin

  • A while back i got banned by an admin on a server, i don’t know the exact date but it was around ~5 months. So i was playing chivalry like normal, but two of my friends on steam came online and wanted to duel. We like dueling on empty servers on last team standing or something, and we didn’t know we could create servers ourselves (i know we sound stupid), Then a person joined the server we were in, if this happens we sometimes let the person duel with us but make it clear what the teams are and if they don’t want to then we leave the server and join a new one. Well when the person joined we told him/her i dont know the person gender, but we told the player what the teams were, but kept killing me and my friend who was on his team and killing the other people on the other team so we kinda got annoyed that he was killing his own team mates so we kicked him (the f key not a server command) then he killed me and my friend so when we spawned in we killed him and it went back and fourth until we left to join another server, then 5mins later he joined the server we were in and said he was gonna ban us for team killing him although he did it first and provoked us. So we kept hopping in and out of servers until we eventually got annoyed at him following us from server to server and the next day i loaded chilvary and tried to join a server at it said i was banned, it seems im banned from nearly all of the uk servers with the least ping, if your wondering why i never got it sorted before is because i got bored of the game but im back into it and im annoyed that i cant join over 50% of the servers for something i didn’t do wrong, please help i really love chilvary and know from the past to create my own server now for duels

  • By the way my username currently as of now is JP Mc Cunningham i think when i got banned it was Yella Heifer

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    If you are banned from Official servers please post a ban appeal here :
    Don’t forget your Steam 64 bits ID.


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