Bug Report Process

  • Hi everyone!

    As you have gathered, we’ll be tracking down bugs reported to us here and letting you know when they’re getting fixed.
    So far you guys have done an outstanding job of letting us know whats going wrong and how. We really appreciate it!

    Keep an eye on our build notes and development status updates to know what our current focus is and what bugs we’d like you to let us know about at any given time. Our priorities will change as we move along.

    We’ll be cloning issues you report here to our bug tracker, each bug will get a bug #. Once fixed on our side we’ll be marking the issue as “solved” here in the forums, you can expect it to be resolved in the following build.

    How to Report a Bug

    In-Game Bug Reports
    You can make a bug report from in-game! Go to the game’s main menu and click the Bug Report button and fill in your info!

    First, take a look through the bug reports category to see if somebody else reported the issue already. If so, please comment and add any extra details you might have. Having a second post about the same bug doesn’t help us as much as adding info to an existing report.

    Make a bug report post
    If nobody has reported the bug, make a post about it! We need some key info to help track down what you’ve encountered.

    • A clear description in the post topic
      What: the espresso machine blew up
      How: making a latte
      When making a latte the espresso machine blew up

      We’re going to have lots of bugs. the easiest way to distinguish them is to have a specific topic. “animation bug with taurant” isn’t very clear at a glance, but “Taurant arms clip through his body when doing whirlwind” is super clear. A good rule of thumb is to include what and how in the description.

    • Build details
      Builds will be changing, sometimes frequently. It’s important for us to know what build the bug happens on. Build number is the five digit number that can be found on the main menu, or in your Latte directory in the p4_changelist file.

    • What the bug is
      Obviously we need to know what’s wrong with the game. The more details the better. If it’s something obvious or art related, upload a screenshot to your post. For gameplay bugs, describe what happened, and what you think should have happened instead.

    • How to reproduce the bug
      What do you need to do to reproduce the bug, does it happen on a dedicated or listen server, are you able to reproduce the bug or did it just happen once. The more details the better.

    Mark it as a question
    We’ll be keep track of bug posts with the question/answer tool that’s in the forum. (Click the dropdown arrow beside the Submit button)


    In-Game Bug Reporting

    You can access a bug-reporting form while you are in a match; just press Esc and select Report Bug and fill out the form.
    You can also access this form here.

    And thats it! Check back in a while and it’ll likely be solved!

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