Server Issue - any update?

  • I bought this game yesterday after hearing about it, and while the single player with bots is somewhat fun, I want to play online and unlock new weapons.

    I have been able to get into one game and it was beyond playable due to lag. Now I don’t see any servers, I have tried all of the available “fixes”.

    Anyone know if this issue is going to be corrected soon? Kind of annoying to have these issues when its a release and not a beta.

    Please don’t suggest downloading that file or trying without my firewall etc. I’ve done all of those things in other threads.

  • Bump.

    Can the devs at least give a timeframe/reasons other than “steam sucks lol” for a fix/make this game playable?

    I feel like I threw out 25 dollars by buying this “beta” release…

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