I think i had a key but used it too late.

  • Hello from France Torn Banner :)

    This is my first post in this forum. I’ve been playing Chivalry almost every day over the last year (1000 hours incoming !) and i really enjoy it. I’m thrilled about the upcoming release of Mirage, and some time ago i suscribed to the Alpha-test, but only realized you sent me a key some days after the end of the 3rd (4th?) “test wave”. Still i tried to activate the key, but didn’t understand how it was supposed to be used. Later i thought “Nevermind, it’s too late anyway”.

    But i recently received another mail from you guys saying that another round of alpha-testing was about to begin.
    So, i have some questions :

    • Is it still possible to get a key for alpha-testing ?
    • If yes, how do i have to use it ? How to install the game ?
    • Is there a dedicated forum for alpha feedback ?

    That’s quite noobish questions, i know ^^’
    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards,

  • @Albemouff activate the key; it’s still good for all alpha rounds.

    Activate a product on Steam

    Yes, we have a forum section for alpha testing.

  • @Reithur Thank you for your quick reply ! I should have mentioned that i no longer have the mail where the key was. :(

  • @Albemouff I sent your key via direct message here on the forum.

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