New Montage by GeneralGatelo

  • Enjoy the Range run

  • Are u going to make another for honor montage when the open beta comes out? I very much enjoyed your last one.

  • @SnipeDaNugget preciate it, and yeah I plan on doing so. I also plan on buying the game upon release

  • Had to re-watch once or twice to analyze the technique.

    I thought you had great drag control and footwork. The parrying was on point most of the time.

    As much as I personally dislike 3rd person “zoning” it’s interesting how much it gives control of a fight…

    For example at 0:48 you range ran to bait him into a swing and you immediately turned around to parry, and accelerated your riposte backswing into his side. I thought that was cool.

    Everybody plays differently in order to win; despite the flak that users of your playstyle get, you’ve mastered it, and it gets you kills. Can’t argue with that logic tbh.

    9/10 would watch the range-run again.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz yep I ran towards him to Bait the swing and side sprinted away.

    Not even trying tho.

  • Make a montage for PC chiv so we can see that Steam ID bby

  • @Patriotize I’d have to run Fraps or bandicam and that would eat my frames. Maybe if I ever go to the gaming cafe again.

  • Banned

    @GeneralGatelo seemingly stupid question but what is the gaming cafe? (I am strictly a console peasant and know jack shit about pc stuff)

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz maybe it gets you kills, but I play for fun not kills. I can’t understand how someone can play 3rd all the time, ruins all the fun.

  • @Aliandros Getting kills is fun for me. why are you mad your montage videos get no views lmao? its sad how i can decipher my own playstyle separate from the typical hackneyed first person stand still one and I get shit talked by kids like yourself simply because they lack the mental capacity to understand counters for it… smh so done with the children in this game.

  • Banned

    @GeneralGatelo best defense vs gatelo is shoot with short bow and hide behind psycho and madman lol

  • @epickillmaster LOL this

  • @GeneralGatelo said in New Montage by GeneralGatelo:

    its sad how i can decipher my own playstyle separate from the typical hackneyed first person stand still one

    What does this even mean? You can understand your own playstyle? Woow.

    Also, his vids have around the same views it seems, who cares though no one watches Chiv videos.

    And aren’t you 20? Such a grown up, calling everyone kid all the time.

  • @GeneralGatelo I don’t care about views, what are you talking about. You sound really insecure man, maybe you should try going more outside fucking nerd.

    Yeah im clearly the kid when youre afraid to give ur steam cuz you don’t even have a pc.

  • @Aliandros I am pondering as to why there’s so much repetition about me releasing my Steam ID when its a personal profile that has my IRL name and picture in it. Not only that I’ve stated a plethora of times i get 20 frames on my laptop so its hardly legit for me to fight. if this naelass kid wants to lurk on the console forums so much then why doesn’t he hop on Xbox 1 or shut the fuck up. its that simple.
    Everyone whos over the age of 18 feels the same way, they see your post and think. Who tf is this guy putting his two cents into everything when i haven’t even seen him.
    The answer is simple, a no life console forum lurker who has nothing better to do than shit post console chiv players whilst demonstrating an elitist PC mentality where he belittles the ideas and community of Xbox 1. Naeless got rekt by Harold and I can easily beat Harold.

    Why are you on my forum post inciting arguments and insulting my playstyle? you act as if everyone needs to play chivalry a certain way when in reality that kind of playstyle can easily be outplayed.

    In video games there are certain prerequisite rules all players within the game must follow whilst playing, These aforementioned predetermined rules are a guideline for gamers to conceive any particular playstyle they desire. You can either be a reactive player and try and counter the opponents playstyle or create your own thats hard to counter. if you stand still all the time then people will easily be able to feint entry you or drag around your parry, you essentially give them the initiative and control of the tempo.

    but hey why did i expect you guys to grasp that, some guy that plays on PS4 and is only talk and some console forum lurker that was rekt by Maharold and thinks hes good. Smh Id get a better argument from a SJW.

  • @GeneralGatelo
    Holy shit man, you’re triggered as hell.

  • @Naleaus Hardly, im just being blunt. Stop lurking on our forums or buy an Xbox 1, its not that complicated guy.

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