7-0 screenshot. (Try not to be salty)

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    “Do not post anything disingenous or false”

    I normally don’t post scoreboard screenshots but there was a bit of a dispute that needed to be settled after some mud slinging on the forums yesterday. Me putting up this screenshot is the result of disproving “false” posting by another user. I don’t like phonies claiming they are the best at chivalry and hating on other players when they clearly get stomped out on a regular.

    “Do not post on behalf of another forum member or player; any forum member playing as a “messenger” while posting prohibited content will be treated as the owner of that post.”

    I was recently messaged by Kyle about slander by Midas, and was asked to post this screenshot for the record. Was I acting as the messenger? Yeah. Is this prohibited content? No. Don’t like it? Get rekt. This is a scoreboard screenshot, not a chatlog.

    If this screenshot causes a salt war however, the admins/mods are within their rights to ban me (Gatelo screenshot sets precedent)

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz Why the fuck do you care so much about getting banned? lmao

  • @MaHarold If users like gatelo can get banned for something as simple as a screenshot, I felt the need to add a disclaimer.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz its not a chat screenshot

  • @MaHarold your mother is over the average weight for a woman of her age

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz don’t bother trying to explain something elementary to a 15 year old mane. The children in this game obviously don’t get it. Hope you don’t get banned m8.

  • Banned

    First off swag eye witness to the 2 1v1s. Second off I asked kyle for another 1v1 he denied lmao. Third off he got destroyed by gatelo and I destroyed gatelo 7-1 2 times in a row.

  • Banned

    He won once wow what about that set of 1v1 rules everyone was talking about? Did they just disappear as soon as Kyle beat me once?

  • Banned

    If you got a “best” player hit me up with him and we’ll duel 3 times Message warlord midas on xbx1 k buddy?

  • Banned

    It’s pretty funny but 1v1 with your best player i’ll fight him/her

  • @King-Midas dude you can edit your posts if you want to just make 1 post with paragraphs.

  • Banned

    lol i’m new here I like to play the game not talk about whether the top ppl are on a forum with a dead community that’s spurring out salt. Thank you i’ll be more accurate and professional next time

  • Banned

    @Zer0x593 Thank you’ll i’ll be more professional next time

  • @King-Midas I have yet to Destroy Kyle the score was 7-2 on Central and the 7-3 on East. Thats one point its hardly destroying maybe he was having an off day, not to mention the fact that i have an extreme ping advantage compared to on east coast. he gets like 90 ping on central where i have 30 and on east he gets 40 and i get 56. So its hardly destroying stop putting words in my mouth to validate your point that honestly no one cares about, we all have our own opinion whos the best. you said chillin Dlyn said you were #1 well there you go have fun getting acknowledgement from CHILLIN DLYN lmfao. Stop trying to make a scene on the forums when this is obviously your first forum ever kiddo. You keep spreading drama and inciting arguments you’re gonna get banned or IM going to get banned knowing Reithur lmfao.
    #FreeGatelo2017 for putting midas back in his place

  • Banned

    You never put me in my place I have put you in yours tho

  • Banned

    Lets be clear I made an account on here to answer false claims about me (Slander) and to just have a lil nice chat with some normal people. This forum thing shouldn’t exist in my opinion. I just want to play a game that I love not go to this forum and be on it like Facebook or twitter. Riethur I don’t understand why you message me saying not to insult someone yet you let this guy on the internet talk bad about me and slander me.

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