Mirage - Vigilist class trailer

  • Developer

    “A girl must grab life by the collar… and make it submit”

    Introducing the Vigilist class - here to lay down the law and lead the team into battle!


    The stalwart Vigilist is a key element of any well balanced team in Mirage: Arcane Warfare. Designed to protect vulnerable allies and aid in the destruction of others, she is the first line of defense against the fury of the enemy team’s attacks with her shield, spear and complement of defense-minded magic abilities.

    Read about this character’s development in our new development profile.

    Mirage Alpha Round 5 starts this Thursday! Sign up for the ongoing Closed Alpha today.

    Mirage will release in 2017.

    0_1485964990515_Vigilist 01.jpg

    0_1485965006743_Vigilist 02.jpg

    0_1485965022765_Vigilist 03.jpg

    0_1485966679251_Vigilist 04.jpg

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    0_1485966716109_Vigilist 07.jpg

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