Public Testing Build #5 - Release Notes

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    Public Testing Build #5 - Release Notes

    As always there is a lot of updates not represented here and there’s a lot more new stuff you’ll see in the game

    QuickMatch has been disabled for the remainder of this alpha round

    Major changes

    • Matchmaking
    • We’ll be testing the matchmaking system this alpha
    • There’s a lot more to come with this system but try to use it and let us know if any problems occur
    • Major performance improvements
      • specifically for the server which improves reliability and allows the higher playercount servers to run much smoother
    • Ability unlocks and account ranks now work [WIP UI]
    • Entropist is disabled
    • weapon selection disabled
    • Updated weapon reach and all melee animations


    • Updated all gamemode UI
    • Added new post game ui & flow [WIP]
    • Added submission battle cry animations and VO
    • Added weapon randomization [test feature]
    • Controllers are functional [WIP]
    • Added game mode specific effects
    • Fixed up and improved the death camera
    • Fixed queueing issue that was causing failed inputs in stagger
    • Grapplehook and a few other abilities no longer give a free follow up hit
    • Improved animation blends between various movement & combat states


    • Fairly big adjustments to movement speed and mobility
    • Changes to knockbacks & lunges included
    • You can no longer feint or combo when low on stamina
    • Raised fall damage threshold
    • Stamina adjustments
    • Parry box made slightly more forgiving
    • Melee
      • Adjusted how quickly the turn limit fades in, lower overall
      • Adjustments have been made to to all timings involving melee and parries
    • Alchemancer
      • Main attack
        • No longer uses ammo
        • Increased speed and range
      • Improved movement coming out of teleport
    • Vypress
      • Adjust slidekick timings
      • Reduced blade whips cast time
        • Increased overhead projectile speed and range
      • Improved movement coming out of Phase and Pounce
    • Tinker
      • Proxy mine now deals 5 damage if the projectile hits an enemy
      • Increased grapplehook range
      • Improved kickflips escape/mobility capabilities
    • Taurant
      • Improved explosive punch targeting and movement
    • Vigilist
      • Increased ward strike range
      • Explosive Leap renamed to Heroic Leap
      • Improved heroic leaps movement

    Bug fixes & Tweaks

    • Fixed ragdolls many ragdoll bugs causing unexpected movement
    • Fixed CancelAttack acting as CancelIntoParry
    • Server and client crashes from the previous Alpha test
    • Numerous other bug fixes with game modes, gameplay and level art.

    Known issues

    • Players can sometimes become unable to move after being hit in combat
    • Quickmatch will sometimes fail to find a match or display an error message
    • Quickmatch will sometimes cause a game crash
    • End of match screen will sometimes count up from level 0
    • Sometimes players will fail to vault
    • Collision on spawn walls can block players
    • In high latency conditions, jumping can fail or become jittery
    • If disconnected from a server, it may take a long period of time for clients to time out
    • Hair, helmets, and body parts will sometimes stretch when cut off
    • Sometimes players will load into a match and be unable to spawn
    • Death camera will fail to move smoothly if moving the camera quickly
    • Unable to remap some inputs on controllers
    • Some VO commands play the incorrect command or may not play
    • It can sometimes take a long time to load to the Main Menu
    • Possible rendering crash when playing on Courtyard maps

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