Stuck on opening screen

  • I apologize if someone has already mentioned this issue previously. I couldnt find a topic related to this.
    The first time turned the game on, i went in fine. I was taken to the menu. but there was some kind of server log in issue that showed up at the bottom of the screen. most of the options were unclickable. the game was windowed and the screen resolution was wrong, so i changed that in the options. once that was done, te game froze after a while. I tried to go in again, but this time the game asked to install the pre requisite for the UE4 again, which ended up uninstalling it instead. the game still turned on though, with borderless windowed and proper resolution as i had selected. however, it wont go past the first loading screen. I have attempted it 3 more times since then (which also resulted in alternating me between installing and uninstalling the UE4 prerequisite everytime, by the way), but the game wont go past the first opening loading screen.
    I finally found the time to play the game even though i received my beta key in december. i would really appreciate it if you could help me solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

  • @Shaderunner try restarting Steam, then use the Server Browser once you get into game.

    If you have trouble joining one server, try joining a different server next time.