Gameplay First Impressions

  • The running and walking movement seem too slow imo, I play lots of The game: Dirty Bomb which is very fast-paced. A few matches in Mirage were very imbalanced, such as 3 vs 6 where no one even realised until I mentioned it and they pressed Tab. I wanted to use the other skills but wasn’t sure how? I’m guessing I have to rank up? This makes for more imbalance. When using an ability (I was using mines) - One hit to me will flinch me and be unable to use the ability - having to wait for it to regenerate again, this was very frustrating. I love how hectic it is when everyone is using lots of abilities, please don’t reduce them. I would like to see more dodging, perhaps for every character, a universal button or something. Thank you, keep it up

  • Thank you for the variety of feedback!

    It’s greatly appreciated and helps us make things as best as we can :)

  • you unlock the abilities by getting score either through kills or playing the objective as the class you want the unlocks with.
    The flinch punishment happens if you get hit during the windup of your ability, some of them do seem a bit punishing, but it’s a shorter cooldown than if you had used the ability.
    You can perform short dodges by either walking to the sides or backwards and pressing spacebar, works with all classes.

  • What if all the abilities were already unlocked, and we could rank up to unlock other characters or something instead of the abilities, some abilities are OP, and I feel like the time in between games could be about double the length as sometimes I need to go to the toilet in between matches and not enough time - LOL, also an exit button after matches. Thanks, I figured the dodging out but still seems not much of a dodge with the movement speed altogether especially when you can barely dodge accurate overpowered explosives. It’s fun for now but I hope to see a lot more characters too :) perhaps an in-game currency that we can earn the characters we want, or a reason for ‘grinding’ without it being too imbalanced

  • Unlocking other chars over unlocking abilitys would be even worse. Then you would end up with games where everyone’s just X character. Some abilitys are definitely better than others, I wouldn’t say any is op though since you can block everything. The time after a match ends could definitely be a bit longer. Atm you can’t even really read all your end of match infos in time before the next match starts. I would also like to be able to chat during this end of round period. Dodging is actually very useful. Particularly the back dodge to get away from slashes and the side dodge to avoid overheads and stabs.

  • Not if there will be an abundance of characters that are balanced, certain characters wouldn’t be for everyone’s play style. I feel like the explosive fireball aimed at the ground is OP as you can’t block or dodge it effectively enough imo. I hope there will be an exit button in between games too.

  • @Psychotria You can block the explosion, easiest way is to somewhat step to one side, turn towards where it will land and parry. Except if it’s thrown right at you, then you get an easy parry by standing still.

  • @Psychotria said in Gameplay First Impressions:

    also an exit button after matches

    pls? I find myself alt-f4ing whenever I want to quit after a match.

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