There should be more options for server size

  • I am enjoying the 6v6, but I also miss the large fights from Chivalry. I would love if there were some servers that hosted 10v10, or up to 20v20 on larger maps. I know the latter might pose it’s own host of issues, but on the flip side, it would add an element to the game that is unique. With purely 6v6 matches, it has a distinct Overwatch feel that some players might tire from quickly. Having the option to switch between servers with different amounts of players will add much needed variety into the game.

    Edit: I should add however that I am liking what the game has going right for it, which is a lot. I am super excited for release, I just hope that this game has the same variety Chiv had!

  • @borreLore I agree with this statement. The more the merrier imho.

    Kind of agree with the Overwatch thing too, the difference being there are less classes, and no OMFGBBQPWNGE Ult abilities, which makes for a more balanced, and strategic game experience. This game makes Overwatch seem like childsplay. At the end of the day, Overwatch is just another arena shooter with hitscan weapons. Blizzard is now playing it safe to make as much $ as possible. Glad there are studios like TB that are doing something different. Just my two cents

  • We’ll be putting up some 10v10 servers today for everyone to try.

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