General Feedback

  • Ill start off with the Speed of the game,
    the game if compared to chivalry it feels heavy and sluggish, The run speed i feel is too low, and the sprint only really feels like it makes me 10% or so faster, The General combat is also a tiny bit too slow and can make fights very Dull when each opponent is barley able to move around, (It basically feels like everybody is carrying 150kg armor and struggling to carry it)

    There is not enough Difference between lightweight/heavy weight classes, Below is a list of how many swings each class could do within a 10s period (tried doing different swing combinations and it always ended up being the same amount of swings)
    Taurant - 9
    Alchemancer - 7 ranged, 9 melee
    Vypress - 9
    Vigilist - 9
    Tinker - 10
    At first i thought that the Taurant and Vigilist would be slower by a lot as they are the “heavy classes”, but i quadruple checked and they were only slower by about half a second, (though combat may vary as i just did this swinging into thin air)

    I would also like to do a Damage test sometime in the future of this alpha and will give feedback on it if i do,

    Its very unreliable as of this stage, There has been times where i ain’t blocking yet I block attacks, or Block a centre body attack and it Cuts through my block This may just may be due to lag (entire server was 40ping or less though) Mostly happens while blocking and a body attack somehow hits you in the side/back from the front, Also the problem of Players being able to Hit your feet and ignore block whilst still doing big damage, I can’t pinpoint where the problem lies but it is a small issue

    Blocking During casting a skill “can” cancel it and Set the skill on its full CD timer

    That’s all i can contribute at the time TBS, im hoping this helps give some idea on where some problems may lie

    P.S. atmospherically it is beautiful and gives the feel of a Romany black magic war, The graphics are easy on the eyes and not over sophisticated, I can feel that this will be another great game when you sort out some kinks (as i loved chivalry whole heartily)

    Music could do with a bit more of a beat, its nice and mellow but i don’t think it quite fits the theme of this gory game, BUT that is only my opinion!

  • If we compare that to some chivalry weapons, swings per 10 seconds (these are all slashes with overheads and stabs it would be slower. This also takes into account that you can combo more than 3 times in a row which you can’t in chiv, so it would actually be less as you’d have to string in either stabs or overheads as well):

    Longsword 8
    Norse Sword 9
    Double Axe 7 (7.5)
    Thrusting spear 7 (almost)
    Cudgel 11 (almost)

    So yes, Cudgel is faster and so are probably the daggers as well, but the 1handers are at the same speed as Norse sword in chivalry, you can perform as many attacks as a vypress as you can with norse sword in the same time frame. Meanwhile the Taurant is faster than Longsword which is a pretty fast 2handed weapon.

    Blocking is quite a lot more precise in this game than in chivalry, in chiv the volume is a bit ridicolous as you can sometimes hit someone in their back and they still parry.

    After you’ve hit someone who’s winding up an ability they get a penalty time, same as when you feint the ability, which is a lot shorter than the actual cooldown, I agree that they could be a bit less punishing though.

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