weapon select

  • One of the things I was looking forward to the most was checking out the weapon select and giving feedback on it. is there a way to put up a pdf or something with the different weapons for each class?

  • @Captain-Tucan
    I can give it a go:
    Alchemancer: Rockets
    Taurant: Mace, the other thing
    Vypress: Duelist set, the other set
    Tinker: Foil, Rapier
    Vigilist: Normal spear, I think spiral spear was disabled this patch
    Entropist: Scepter, don’t remember the other one

  • For now, we have random customization activated, so you eventually go through all of the weapons as you play. We look forward to putting in customization as soon as it’s ready.

  • I noticed the changing weapons but they only seemed cosmetic. so for example, the vigilist will never have just a sword instead of a spear or the taurent can’t have a great sword? I’m guessing the main point of this game was to get customization comes from ability select. does changing the weapons change the type of damage they do (blunt, piercing) or the speed they are swung?

  • The damage is generic in this game unlike chivalry, hence why every character doesn’t have 100 HP. The slower weapons generally deal higher damage, for example the Duelist set has slower animations and more damage, as opposed to the Assassin set which has higher speed but lower damage.

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