Suggestion: Closing Out

  • One problem I’m having is that match ending feel really abrupt. We could be having an epic 6 v 6 fight to make the final ark delivery, the suddenly win because of a kill or something. It’s very anticlimactic.

    I propose a new mechanic: Closing Out. You can only win by capping the main objective of a map. (Ie delivering the Jinn lamp, the Ark, or a glyph) You can get the maximum 70 points (or whatever it is) with kills and demiglyphs, but after that, capturing demiglyphs does nothing but deny the enemy comeback points.

    This would give the defending team a much better opportunity to stay in the game, since they only have to focus on one objective until they get back on their feet and can start going for demiglyphs again. This also means the attacking team will have to coordinate a final push, which is always a great way for a match to end. Frankly, I think that would be a lot more fun then just sending someone to an indefensible demiglyph.

    This would also make sense lore-wise. I don’t believe an essence pool can really be “finished off” by someone dying or the weak power of a demiglyph, only depleted to the point that respawning would take a really long time. It would take an actual Jinn to destroy the last of a team’s essence. Of course this is different in TDM, since it’s more of a skirmish and the essence is only used to respawn anyway. Same with TO.

  • This would also lengthen the lifespan of how long the maps last, some people seem to want them to last for a lot longer than they currently do. I think it’s something that can possibly work really well and I’m interested to see how it turns out.

    Another idea would be to open a completely different glyph (close to spawn) that only the team who reached the essance can cap, the other team can neutralize it, but they can’t cap it themselves. This could work with delivering Jinn and the like as well, perhaps a new door opening that they have to get through and plant it or something like that.

  • @Xylvion
    Yeah I agree. The maps could last a bit longer.

    A final glyph opening would work well too. As long as it’s something both teams have to focus.

  • @Skindiacus Yeah but ofc, it would mean that the people who reached full essence first will have to cap it to win and the others will have to defend it, if both get to full essence There will obviously be one you have to defend and one you have to attack. But It would change the pace of the game from getting as many kills and what not as possible to “we’ve gotta work as a team now.”

  • I think more optional and connected objectives would be good on a couple maps. Maybe something more than just “Stand here”.

    I agree with a Closing out.

  • I thought of one problem. Since capping the main objective tends to give you 15-25 points, depending on the map, you would only have to get to about 45 points before going for it. Any demiglyphs beyond that would be useless because the 25 points from the main objective would get you to that game-winning 70 points. (Tbh I don’t know the exact numbers seeing that they are hidden this patch.) The solution to this is really great.

    It’s something along the lines of what @Xylvion was getting at: a final objective. Personally, I don’t think it should always be a glyph though. It should fit the personality of the map, so it would be a final glyph on CP modes, final Ark delivery on pushable modes, final Jinn lamp on CTF, etc. I’ll explain what I’m thinking.

    Let’s say, on an Ark delivery map, Bash is at 60 points, and the maximum is 70 (I keep calling it 70 but I think it changes depending on the map.). Bash delivers the Ark, but only gains 10 points instead of 25 to reach the max. After that, a new Ark will spawn, and it will be special. If Bash pushes it, all these particle effects light it up so that everyone knows it’s important. This is the objective that Bash needs to take to win the game. The defending Azar will have to try to retake the Ark to avoid losing. If they do, all the particle effects would go away, and it would just be a normal Ark. That is, until Bash retakes it again. When the winning team eventually pushes the Ark all the way to the enemy base, something awesome would happen.

    That would be a great way to elongate these maps imo. On top of that, it would feel a lot more final and dramatic. One of the goals when creating Mirage was to produce tension around the objectives, right? Image having an enemy with the Final Jinn lamp, golden flames all around them, running at your team. That’d be cool.

    Can we just have one map like this for next build, to try it out?

  • Yeah really it takes the excitement out of those last moments. I was confused the first couple times it happened but noticed a kill name popup on screen. Agree with closing out method or anything to kick the time up a bit. Everything went by quick which was great for some maps but left wanting more out of it. Both teams, sudden death with boss djin npc guy to help lolol idk I always thought the map npcs were hilarious.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys! We’re still working out our gameplay modes, so this is helpful!

  • Alright. I’ve played a lot of Mirage over the past four days. Mostly, it feels great. No complaints here about combat or movement speed. The biggest problem for me is still the way maps end. I’m aware that TB’s mind is probably already made on the matter, but I have two more points I want to make, so why not.

    Everything feels like TDM. This is coming from a very objective-focused player. I will turn away from a fight if it means delivering the flag faster. Even when focusing on objectives, the tick system really makes it feel like TDM except you get bonus points from demiglyphs every once in a while. There is tension around objectives sometimes, like a really long back and forth carrying of the flag on ctf_lighthouse. That is great, but when your first points comes from kills, and the map ends because of a kill, the impact of the objectives in between is lost. The maps just kind of bleed into each other. There are rarely climaxes. Maybe this is the effect you were going for, Idk. It just feels very casual. I don’t know how ranked is going to work, but I think it will be tiring to lose rank when it doesn’t even feel like the enemy has taken some final objective. I like the current tick system, but there might as well just be a 10:00 timer for how maps end.

    I’ve been playing a lot of Undertale recently. If there’s anything I’ve learned from it, it that you’ve gotta have hope and determination. Memes (?) aside, though, I challenge anyone to find something more exiting in a team v. team game than epic comebacks. Especially to objective focused players, having the feeling of “It’s not over 'til it’s over” and then defending until your team can push back is really rewarding. In Mirage right now, you can talk about perseverance all you want. If you’re five deaths away from losing and you still need 30 points, there’s really nothing you can do. All it does is put a lot of pressure onto people to not die. There can be no grand final fight, because of course a few of you will die, and the game will be over even if the losing team was holding on to the objective. One of the best moments for me this Alpha Round was when we came back from 120 points - 123 points. That comeback was barely possible, and the fact that on an objective map the last moments were basically just TDM is really lame to me. It was still the one of the moments because it was super tense, but it could be better.

    TLDR; I wind a closing out mechanic because objective maps don’t feel like objective maps and the current lose-by-death system makes being on the losing teams usually hopeless. (Along with any reasons mentioned in previous posts)

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