Multi feedback

  • So far I like the game, it took me a few hours to get used to the pace, but at this point it’s fine. However, I’ve been noticing that strikes feel… odd? I enjoy playing the alchemancer character for this very reason. But when I’m playing the taurant swinging my weapon feels very odd, as if there’s a delay before I actually strike? Something is making it feel slow, even though it’s clearly not. It also feels that you don’t get that normal strike - parry - strike - parry - strike - parry combo against certain classes, eg against the vypress as a viglist it feels like I just have to parry, parry, parry, parry, parry, but I suppose a large part of that is me not being used to weapon distances, so I’m never sure when I’ve actually out-distanced a vypress.

    On that same note, it’s very frustrating to have an ability get interupted, especially if it’s one of the bigger abilities, though the actual ability cooldowns feel right.(EG if you use your escape and get in a fight again, you do -have- to fight someone.) However, on the topic of timers and cooldowns, the spawn timer feels a little on the long side? I can understand it on TO maps where the spawn is next to the obj, but there’s just not a lot to look at for those 12 seconds. I’d also love if you’d implement teams getting auto-balanced, as I often end up in 4v6s once we start getting rekt and ppl start leaving out of frustration.

    I really love the aesthetic, though! The magical atmosphere is really great and you’ve nailed that, though I could do with some more active music, it feels too mellow at times, compared to the brutal fighting that’s going on.

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    We are continuing to iterate on our spectator system so that you can have more to appreciate when you are dead.

    We definitely want to have auto-balance in when we can.

    Really appreciate the feedback, glad you enjoyed playing!

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