Some Feedback

  • Hey there. There is my feedback on Closed Public Test. (sorry for unperfect english)


    • Game have tottaly slow gameplay. Chivalry was a lot funner than Mirage by this point. Mirage gameplay is more like tactic, and player mistake driven, maybe like For Honor have. But i deffinitly dont want For Honor from 1sr person view. Movement is slow, melee\ranged attacks is slow, ability cast is slow. For me, its will be cool, if Mirage goes for more fast pased action.

    • Hard to read enemy attack or movent. Its have really mutual anitations, thats bring unclear stuff, when i really should to parry\block.

    • Low responsive by controlls side between player and hero.

    • Low c\d on Stop attack ability. I can stop my attack, but only at 0.5 sec start of it, same for spells. I think you need to test to increase this time, so i can cancel my attack when i mostly finish it.

    • Hero based gameplay, with limited weapons\spells. So eash class is limited by game style or weapon use. By this point, i liked Chivalry, when i had 4 classes and huge numbers of weapons on them.

    • Only 6 heroes by release (+1 weapon). I think its too few for this type of game. Many players will compare this game to overwatch by high point (not by gameplay, but by content meaning).

    • Hight cooldown on Hero respawn.

    • No killcam. Yea yea, i know, chivalry dont have it, and its okay. But sometimes i get killed by unknow reason, and i truly want to know how.

    • Different team colors. Well, i think i always want to be in a blue team, and have always Red enemys. Some times, when i change my team, i start attack my teammates, cos i had red-ones allies last game, but now they are my enemys… Its mutual for me. Same thing in chivalry.

    • No random matchmaking like 90% of modern games have. I mean true matchmaking, not server list.



    • GORE. I LOVE IT. :3

    • Awesome location and levels, with many back roads and not linier path.

    • Cool theme and art-style. Well, i’m not fan or middle east theme, but this one is pretty good. Maps are totally insane and colorful, heroes is charismatical and truly uniq.

    • Good movement with parcour mechanics. (But slow)

    • As for my, it awesome, that game have alreasy Steam integration with friends.

    • Possibility to choose different abilities on heroes.

    • Few game-modes.

    • Still, its only one game with such melee combat and gameplay(after chivalry) FPS camera, that really awesome!

  • Thanks so much for the detailed feedback post!

    We’re definitely going to have a number of the features you mentioned in your “negative” side, particularly spectator additions.

    We use all the feedback to help us make everything as best as we can!

  • @Stanzwar Wow, thanks for your reply! And again, sorry for bad english… Its not my primary lang.

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