Sluggish Combat

  • I have talked with many players across the board who are participating in the fifth alpha wave, a majority of the players agree that the combat is not fluent, it feels slow and clunky. This is a huge problem for a game based around articulated fast sword play and magic. If anyone has any ideas that could maybe work around this i’d love to hear.

  • Hi @Jarodak ,

    I moved both of your posts to the Feedback section.

    Can you be more specific by what you mean by “slow”/“clunky”?

    Thanks for the feedback! It was fun playing those rounds with you.

  • @Stanzwar What I mean is that from click to attack it feels very delayed. The sword to sword combat feels very slow paced. In Chivalry it is very fast rapid hits and blocks back and forth. If we were to have that level of fluent combat along side the magical abilities that would be fun. Although as of right now it feels very separated, like the abilities are not meant to be worked into normal combat.

  • @Jarodak I’ve heard the same thing. I don’t necessarily see it as clunky. There are a lot of moving parts involved with adding magic to traditional chiv combat. I’m sure you guys tweaked the values multiple different ways.

    Perhaps faster paced combat made it hard to see incoming projectiles or felt cheap? It’s a different pacing than Chivalry but it’s also a different game. The Vypress feels like the most fluid character in the meta right now to me.

  • I heard many say “it’s like chivalry, for women” implying its slowed down and easy to play. Almost every player i interacted with felt like if everything was slightly sped up more their experience would be more challenging and enjoyable. Personally i found the combat excellently balanced for the most part, but… i do believe speeding up most of the weapon attacks would help greatly, i found that Tinkers overhead felt way too slow, her one handed sabre was too heavy. Comparing the weapon similarities to chivalry, Vypress’s sabre to the chivalry sabre etc, the weapons seem to me a bit slow. i would have loved to actually time these differences but it never occurred to me. for the most part i agree with the “slow” factor mentioned above with the weapon attacks. the magic aspect speed wise is on point in my opinion.

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