Feedback Regarding the Taurant Class

  • So just to preface, I’m rank 38 in CMW and I’ve put about 4 hours into the Mirage Alpha so far, mostly playing as the Taurant.


    Swinging your melee weapon from neutral feels very slow but doing it after a parry feels way too fast.

    Despite long swing animations, dragging to vary the timing of the attack seems to have a minimal effect at best (nowhere near the effect of dragging with the Zwei or Messer form CMW).

    Not limited to the Taurant class but to all classes, the animations for melee attacks feel a lot less smooth than in CMW. The weapon swings feel very choppy and don’t have the same heft (I may be wrong about this, but from watching the animations, it seems like the attack animations for Vypress and Tinker have just one speed aka windup and release all go at the same speed rather than, for ex., the norse sword in CMW where the windup is slower but the release phase itself is very quick. The uniform speed makes the animations look choppy and unnatural). In CMW, it feels very intuitive where a weapon’s active frames are during the animation and how that can be combined with your character’s movements to attack your opponent but my impression is that there is a lot less freedom in that regard in this game.

    Parrying is way too good as it is now. The active window is way too long and cooldown way too short. There is very little risk in being liberal with parrying and that combined with less-effective dragging makes it very hard for a slower class like Taurant to hit their opponent.

    Related to parrying, I feel like having one button that allows you to cancel your attack directly into parry is overpowered.


    For being the front-line tank sort of character, I feel like Taurant is way too squishy. He dies in 3 hits from much much faster classes like Vypress which is kind of unfair given that he has to hit them at least twice to kill them.

    Explosive Fist is meant to be a fast attack for Taurant but it is just as slow as a regular overhead so I don’t really see the point of the ability.

    I know that trades are a somewhat controversial mechanic, but I feel like in order for a slower heavy class to compete with a much faster class, it is a necessary one. Not having trading is like not having poise in Dark Souls which was an absolutely essential stat for heavy characters. As it is now, playing offensively with Taurant seems very unviable.

    Regarding the Alchemancer, I feel that the character is overpowered in its current state. His melee weapon is fast and can 3 shot (I think) a Taurant and he has all sorts of ranged abilities on top of that. His parry covers his whole body and it still takes 2 clean hits to kill him. I think that to balance the character, he should either have his melee weapon nerfed in damage and speed or make it slower to draw (like how in CMW an archer needs to switch from his bow to melee weapon and is open during that time).


    Footspeed overall could use a slight increase in my opinion. Oftentimes I couldn’t tell if my character was walking or running (you know, due to the slowness). An increase in footspeed would also make footwork a more essential part of combat.

    I feel like wall-jumping should be more dynamic. Right now it feels like wall-jumping doesn’t really do anything in the game aside from allow you to traverse the level. I think it would be cool if there was a mechanic where pressing the “away direction” whilst simultaneously performing a wall-jump would give you a burst in speed and momentum off the wall.

    Anyway, that’s all my feedback for now.

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