Team unbalance

  • Having just one person more on a team is such a massive advantage in this game, any game where a person quits or there are just uneven players from the start is so onesided. It’s not fun to be on the low side or the high side of the player gap.

    Can we get some sort of respawn on teammate death mechanic for the team with more players? Doesn’t necessarily need to be that, but something to stop one team from having an extra player on the field.

  • @Altaneen I think a simple auto balance could solve this. Also some kind of stat tracker on players to work into the auto balance would be nice. Like lets say its 5v6 , they could put the extra player who has better overall stats into the other team. I don’t wana see a situation where someone whose doing well for their team is forced to auto balance over mid match though.

  • @Altaneen we are working on our autobalance system still.

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