First Alpha/No Chivalry Experience Feedback

  • I didn’t see anyone else with feedback from someone like me, so I thought I would write down my opinion. Right now I’m about 10 Hours in, give or take, and I’m having a lot of fun. Quick list of things of things I personally find good/bad/noteworthy. Obviously since this game is targeted for past fans of Chivalry games you should take it with a grain of salt, but there will obviously be a lot of new players in my situation at some point.

    The Good

    • Fantastic Art Style, painting and foliage and architecture of maps is great.
    • Great pathing, lots of options to get from point a to point b
    • Walljumping is fantastic. chaining a movement ability into a walljump into a ledge climb is great for sneaking up on enemies or making a quick escape
    • sound effects, especially with surround sound headphones, the footsteps warning me where enemies are is great
    • unique art styles, after watching the videos on making each character, the work into making each attack and character unique really helps in fights to know who is attacking you from the effects on screen
    • Little things, like getting a headshot on the taurant to reveal his afro, or watching a body go sailing off a cliff after getting a kill. really makes the game fun
    • good balance, apart from a few abilities i think need tweaking, I’ve seen people top score with every class regularly
    • Kills are always satisfying, dealing a headshot with alchemancer will never fail to feel amazing
    • Ability combos are fun as hell, dashing into the air with dervish, grabbing an enemy above you with hook shot and killing them before you both hit the ground was very rewarding
    • Vigilists abilities are very balanced, with a defensive/offensive option for each
    • Playerbase is fantastic, everyone seems to be really nice in game. Apart from angry demands to play the objective (which I do as well) everyone has been super nice about answering questions and very chill. They seem hopeful for the game and are hoping it succeeds.
    • Screams and voicelines are great, coming from Tf2 I love having them (esp. the different ones for each team, very cool)
    • Server browser is nice, options are very useful
      *So nice to have a good options menu on release, too many games skip this these days
      *subtle and clean HUD that doesn’t get in the way
      *good music and atmosphere on maps, plenty of stuff to look at all those times I’m dead

    The Bad

    • If you have 2+ Vigilists it’s very easy to completely cut off an objective from abilities. Obviously they’re breakable but when there’s 3 on the cart constantly shielding you have no way off dividing them up or dealing damage which can be frustrating
    • Servers seem to be crashing very often now, closer to the end of games, making leveling up impossible
    • Alchemancer has no possible way of dealing damage to enemies watching him. A slow moving projectile like piercing shot is easy to block, his bomb can be reflected, and his projectiles are really only good at catching people unaware or already in fights. I’m not sure what the solution is, but he almost always loses a 1v1 in a game where dueling is important
    • Vigilist’s build-up animation for stabs can be hidden from view if the player jerks their view up to top right before attacking to raise your shield, making it very very hard to judge if they are bringing up their shield to block or getting ready to attack. Animating it so blocking with the shield horizontally and holding it vertically otherwise (even more so than it is now) would fix this, or making her lower her shield a little more when not blocking
    • Blade Whips’s short range and charge time make it a far worse ability, chakram are so good at finishing enemies who flee/punishing people who follow you, that blade whip is too weak. the change based on what attacks you do is very cool and needs to stay. I rely on the chakram as a panic ability and the blade whip just can’t compare in that regard
    • Phoenix’s press q to summon, q to active, and then q to guide is too much q pressing in a fast game, where you need the ability to move left, crouch and sprint as well. Plus the guiding is… not good.

    Things I’m not Sure On

    • Linking a guide to combat/learning how to fight would make the game a lot more inviting, without know what a Riposte is it seems like the game is broken and lets enemies attack much faster than you. Even a recommended Chivalry series would be nice to get started, I’ve had to troll through youtube and rely on people in game to teach me how to play. Obviously not a big problem in Alpha, but this game will scare off new players if they don’t understand the game’s intricacies.
    • Vigilist feels a bit fast, being able to lock down an area with her kit and then chase down enemies who try to run makes her a little too good at countering every playstyle
    • If i had to chose a weakest class right now I would say taurant, but I’ve seen high level characters do well, so it might just be my play style. His abilities and attacks make teamkilling hard to avoid, and 1v1 duels hard to win.
    • Vypress is my favorite, the quick movement speed with the fast attacks make her easy to survive and move around the map, but i have heard people call her overpowered.
    • Giving chivalry players a unique cosmetic or marker would be nice, my first 2 hours I thought I was terrible at the game, only to talk to people and find out they had 1,200-2000 hours in chivalry
    • Game speed feels fine to me, any faster and it would be too easy for teams to rush points and make 4v4 cluster fights even more hectic and hard to fight. It also helps focus on the dueling aspect of out-playing an opponent rather than winning because you surprised them/had a teammate rush together
    • Respawn timer is a necessary evil on most objective games, killing all attackers while pushing the cart only to have them show up with full health a few second later would get old very quickly.
    • Kickflip is much weaker than dervish, to the point of uselessness
    • Shadow Kick could use a buff, the jump out of danger you get with dash attack is much more useful than the slide for catching up with people, plus the surprise aspect
    • Forcepush is much, much less useful than teleport on a character with such low health and slow movement speed. 2+ charges might help
    • Any abilities I didn’t mention are in a good place
    • A lot of people seem to be asking for a 1v1 duel with instant respawn and faster movement speed. Not sure.
    • Instead of giving players a choice when the entering a game that has already started, place them in the losing team first. Having half the score of a team that now has more players is not fun.
    • The Courtyard balcony ledge climb needs to be a little more forgivable, releasing space a fraction of a second too early sends me plummeting to my death after I thought I made it.
    • An option to have a reticle that shows cooldowns/health bar would be nice, cooldowns are sometimes hard to read in the middle of combat where they are presently

    Overall, you definitely made yourself a new customer this week, looking forward to a release date in the future. The game is so good and has a lot of potential. thanks.

  • You can actually play alchemancer rather successfully as a CQC combat mage. If you break enough distance sometimes the enemy will run at you trying to attack and thats when you can chip at them with your range attack to flinch them. There will be a tutorial when the game is released, assuming its a good tutorial that should help with the learning process. Using his teleport to go above or behind your enemy can land you plenty of hits too.

  • You mentioned taurant does a lot of team damage, which can easily be avoided, if you scroll up or down you perform stabs or overheads which are much more presise. If you press R while winding up an attack, you can cancel it. You can also control the way the weapon traverses by moving your mouse, after some practice you will be able to throw out a horizontal slash and have it move over the head of your team mate before you quickly adjust it so it hits your enemy.

    As for Blade whip you can throw 3 different projectiles with it. If you scroll up there’s a smaller faster long range projectile, really good for sniping people at a distance. If you slash there’s a horizontal disc which is more medium ranged. and if you scroll down there’s 2 vertical discs that are short range. I do agree that it’s rather underwhelming to chakrams though as you know that it’s coming.

    You also don’t have to press Q three times for the Phoenix, you can just hold it down the second time, and iirc it should still be possible to hold it down right as you press the key and it will almost immediatly spawn the phoenix.

    Kickflip and Force Push may seem underwhelming, but they can both be used for double jumps if you look down while you use them.

  • @Ra5h Thanks for the excellent feedback! It’s great to hear the opinion of someone who’s never tried Chivalry before.

    We are working on a tutorial that will explain a good deal of what you can do in the game. As we don’t yet have the tutorial ready, you can check out our Tutorial Section of the forum, and may find the Mirage Combat Primer to be helpful. Feel free to ask questions in that thread as well!

  • @Reithur Awesome, thank you.

  • @Xylvion I’ll have to take a second look at those abilities then, thanks.

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