Huge framerate drops on a regular basis

  • I’ve been testing the game yesterday and today and it’s pretty much unplayable because I get dramatic framerate drops below 10 fps roughly every 30 seconds, that last for up to 20 seconds. The sound also gets choppy during these times.

    I run the game on a fx-8350 CPU, and a GTX 660 Ti GPU.

    I’ve tried quitting the game, quitting Steam, running the game again, updating my nvidia driver, setting the graphic settings to auto, choosing performance settings in the Nvidia control panel, but the framerate drops are still just as frequent and strong everytime while my standard framerate is universally fluid on all graphical settings. Messing with vsync and framerate capping doesn’t help either. As I try changing my settings in the middle of a drop and click apply, nothing changes at all.

    Is there a workaround for this? I haven’t seen anyone else experience framerate drops like I do so far. I really want to give some gameplay feedback as I’m a long-time CMW player, but right now it’s impossible for me.

    Thanks for the help!

  • There’s no log file in my steamapps\common\MirageAWTest\TBL\Saved\Logs, but here’s my dxdiag if it helps :

  • Make sure to read through here (not sure if you have)

    I was having issues as well with different hardware. Is there an external nvidia software taking control or optimizing the game? Also how many rams? maybe I should check the diag first

  • Well, the problem definitely comes from me as I’ve been playing a bit of Deadliest Warrior yesterday and came across exactly the same issue. It seems to have to do with seriously outdated Realtek audio drivers, but I need to look more into that.

    In any case I can say pretty certainly this is not an issue with the game itself, after all.

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