First impressions and feedback

  • Hey guys, first of all I had to play with 150+ ping due no one playing in south america, although there are servers in the region but no one plays it. This is mostly first impressions because due lag, I can’t have a precise view on some things.

    That said, the game is fun. I see a lot of potential tbh. The problem I had was UI related, I can never see my KD. I find the maps kinda confusing, I had to relly 100% on the objective markers to walk around. In one match, my objective markers simply vanished, I couldn’t find the objective at all on most of the maps played this way. Chiv had more intuitive map design and objectives I think.

    About the combat in general, its hard to talk about it with 150+ ping but I can tell that the lag doesnt affect this game as badly as it does in chiv. I could read and fight without a problem most of the time, I could see how I got killed (delayed or accelerated attack, feint etc) and parry worked most of the time.

    I find that there is no clear advantage in reach of the melee weapons at the moment. They all have about the same reach, Vigilist could have the reach advantage due spear, but it doesnt. Think on chiv terms, considerable reach advantage we talking here, spear, brandistock, zweihander, halberd. I think vigilist should have this sort of reach advantage, that allows to control melee fights and targetswitch like madman. This is the best tool for “frontline soldier” as I see it. At the moment, her windup is slow and there is no clear size advantage on her weapon, nor it has a big release time to make its reach better.

    Felt like there was no variety in melee weapons, every weapon can delay, accelerate, has good reach and damage. I think classes really need more options in weapons like, the vigilist could have a smaller spear that is faster; a big reach, low damage and medium speed spear, and a brandistock kind of thing. Every class needs this sort of variety imo, at the moment there is no flavour in their melee combat. I think we need those big variations in weapon stat, like compare Zweihander with cudgel, you know what I mean?

    The hitboxes seems funny, charaters feels bulky. When surrounded I cant footwork my way out like I did in chiv. Looking up or down to avoid attacks seems to be nerfed somehow.

    First person animations needs more love imo. Like, in chiv is clearer when your parry is active again in case you need to Parry into parry. This got me killed N times with vigilist, due shield animations not being clear about when I could parry again. Maybe if the parry active time gets a bit shorter this would be better. I couldn’t get used to it felt really strange, like lacking responsiveness.

    Maximum FoV could be 135 imo, this game is even more clusterfuck then chivalry especially considering projectiles everywhere.

    1vN feels way more difficult in this game, A) little fov + you gotta see your opponents in this game more then in chiv due ranged attacks and special abilities; B) footwork is strange, I guess it takes too long to reach maximum speed + “matrixing” doesnt seems to be as effective as it was in Chiv;

    C) 1vN you have to parry forever (specially considering projectiles) and its pretty damn difficult to gain initiative back, also consider FHF. I supose the abilities are what should make it viable, but you get flinched if surrounded by 3 or more guys. Idk if ripostes can be flinched, if they can’t then that might help the 1 against the N.

    Game seems much more focussed on sinergizing team with the individual abilities then individual skill. I say this due the present state of melee combat and 1vN possibilities.

    This doesn’t stop the game from being fun, but melee at this point doesn’t feel great. I wish I had access to aoc_drawtracer to see better whats going on. The tracers feels funny, idk where their release starts, thus accelerating is weird as often it doesnt deal damage (with slashes more precisely). The trajectory of some swings also feel funny, like the vigilist overhead looks like it goes everywhere left and right. It changes trajectory midswing in a funny way; think here on halberd overhead terms, its straight as fuck, thats gud reliable overhead. Swords in chiv as well, had more reliable tracer path imo. Makes dragging unnecessarily difficult, makes reading the reach of your own weapon more difficult as well imo.

    Also the speed in which the tracer is drawn. It varies right? Its not a constant speed through the whole swing? I’m not against the idea, but I think that the moment where the swing speeds up and starts to delay mid release need some work, feels really weird. This is my biggest grip with the game at the moment, the swing animations doesn’t feel good, now Idk if its a tracer thing or simply first person animations not matching the tracers properly. This I kept testing on the BR server, with 70 ping. I kept swinging everywhere to get the feels of the weapons like, when in the animation its the best time to drag it you know what I mean?

    Holy shit torn banner I hope I made sense here guys. The game is fun, looks fucking amazing (floor fucking reflects), runs great on my computer. I like the art stile, its refreshing tbh. Imma go back play it while it lasts. Twas very fun, I’ll try to post more things after the testing ends, I hope this wall of text was somehow useful.

    Its really shit that I couldn’t properly play the game with decent ping. Maybe all my experience with the melee mechanics got rekt by ping. Does anyone agree with these things I said or was it due lag? Specially the tracer and first person animation thing, those are my biggest problem with the game.

  • @Vanguard Thanks for the great feedback!

  • @Reithur said in First impressions and feedback:

    @Vanguard Thanks for the great feedback!

    You are most welcome Mr Reithur. I answered today the survey you guys send via email. There, I tryied to get into more details about melee, what I thought was fun or confusing etc. OH and also, on the last day of testing, at night, I managed to play with another BR man, with really good ping and all. I think my feedback on the email thingy might be more precise, a lot of what I said here stays the same, but I tryied to be more clear and also elaborate on other subjects of the game, as was asked by the survey. Idk man I hope it helps and its actually valid criticism what I wrote.

    You guys got something amazing in your hands tbh, great job. Can’t wait to play the game again! When will it be next tests? Will beta have more tests? Pls can I have aoc_drawtracer next time?

    Have a good night tbh

  • @Vanguard Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Most of us read through all the feedback everyone provides, so it’ll certainly be helpful to us!
    We’ll need a few weeks to update & test the game based on feedback and bug reports before we can start another alpha round.

    We’ve currently disabled console commands for non-admins. This may change in the future, but possibly not during the alpha phase.

  • Developer

    Hey Vanguard, I am the Animator who is responsible for the combat animations, Thanks for that feed back you gave 2 months ago. I just want to check to see if we manage to address some of those issue you had with the animation and weapon swings with the least Beta. We spend quite bit of time improving the feel of swings and love to hear if its feeling better or not.


  • @Richard

    Hey Mr Richard! Its my pleasure to help man!

    I am sorry for answering so late, I had problems downloading the patch due my internet being… terrible man.

    The little I played the Beta 3 patch, it is definetly better. I will give a more valid feedback once I play a bit more, if you don’t mind. Also, let me as you, how do I open the console? I want to see the recently added Drawtracer command.

    You are doing a great job man, the game has animations way more polished then in Chivalry, I say this because I was just playin with a guy, a total noob had never even played Chivalry, I explained him the concept of delaying or accelerating attacks, and he then proceeds to parry my drags. Of course he misses some, but it doesnt even compare with chivalry where we had time-bending weapons that would freeze in front of the opponent.

    Everything seems way more clear, you know what I mean? I just want to see the tracers on every weapon, so I can give more precise feedback about the animation!

    Oh, in my early feedback I mentioned the FTP, PiP or CFTP animations for the Vigilist, they were unclear. Now its 100% better, both the animations and timing wise in my opinion. Also the graphics are great, the scenary, specially the ones that has shinny floor that reflects everything, are beautiful. I’m now getting used to the voice acting as well, and I think they are good, specially the attack from the purple Vipress, and the orange Taurant!

    Anyways, very good job guys, the game is getting really good seeing its progress since alpha phase!

  • I heard its the key above the “tab” button that is supposed to open the console, but it doesnt work guys. I can’t find on the option menu how to bind it as well. How should I proceed tbh

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MirageAWTest\TBL\Config\DefaultInput.ini

    at the very bottom you can rebind the console key, I have it bound to Seven.

  • @Vanguard you’re not currently able to view tracers at the moment, even if you get the console open.

  • @Xylvion said in First impressions and feedback:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MirageAWTest\TBL\Config\DefaultInput.ini

    at the very bottom you can rebind the console key, I have it bound to Seven.

    Thank you very much brother, I’ll try this!

    EDIT: Tested, doesnt work as well…

    @Reithur said in First impressions and feedback:

    @Vanguard you’re not currently able to view tracers at the moment, even if you get the console open.

    Oh, but didn’t the patch note said it was now enabled or something like this?

  • @Vanguard the patchnotes are incorrect; drawtracers command is not currently available.

  • @Reithur

    Ah yes I see, thanks for the info Mr Reithur! I’ll go test a bit more before I come back here!

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