Feedback after 7h (Chivalry +1250 h )

  • Hey there,
    first of all my Chivalry reference is not to brag or whatever but to show that I care about this new game (it is its spiritual successor) and I am familiar with all kind of melee combat techniques.

    what is the purpose of the stamina bar? I barely drains, it has no impact on the gameplay whatsoever. In my 7 h of Mirage I did not bother once, except when I tried to find out what it actually is.

    Parry / Dragging
    First I have to say that dragging not very useful, mainly because the parry up time is way too long. I can deliver a dragged alternative overhead and its still parried by the same first attempt. The whole dragging system (encouraged to use by the loading screen message) seems downtuned from Chiv quite a lot, which would be fine if the parry time was adjusted.

    Voice Commands
    VC are essential to the flair and the atmosphere of the game. In general I am very pleased except some.
    Tinkers battlecry © makes my ears bleed. Its loud (way louder in comparison to others) it highpitched and just annoying.
    Taurents voices are often to mumbly and you cannot understand what he says.

    IMO voice commands should be funny, have character but the most important thing is they have to be easily recognizable.
    Nobody wants to look to the text in the bottom left corner all the time. It interupts the game flow.

    Melee combat
    Why did they remove advanced combat techniques like reversed overheads and such? My muscle memory from chiv sometimes is my bane. My fear is that without such top end mechanic the game gets boring too quickly. There are already many projectile, dashes, leaps and such which draw the focus away from melee combat.

    This in of the top of my head, there is more but I am not sure if it is just because of the lack of experience. Time will tell.

  • I hear from good players that stamina actually does come into play a lot for them.

    Are we thinking of the same thing by “Overheads”? Scrolling down overheads are still in the game.

  • @Skindiacus
    you are right. Of course I meant reversed overheads and such.
    Concerning the stamina: I am really curious what they do then differently. I can combo my way through the map without bothering. I can perform a 14 consecutive missing strike combo before my stamina is fully drained.

  • I think stamina is still being worked on, a couple of days before alpha went live stamina ran out after ~4 parries and it was changed last second; it was probably tuned down quite a lot so we don’t have to run out of stamina every 5 seconds.

  • I think stamina is jacked a bit for alpha but not 100% sure. I find dragging in awkward angles tends to get through but I know what you mean about parry window. Lol @ Tinker bc. Me and another guy were spamming it and I almost regret my hearing loss but it’s still all funny to me. Tweaks and more tweaks, almost there.

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