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  • Hi there !

    I finally got to play Mirage for about 5 hours this weekend, and here are my first impressions and little problems i’ve noticed. I have to add that i played a lot of Chivalry, and that will influence my thoughts, of course :)

    First impressions
    Wow, the graphics and level design are very promising ! I love the atmosphere of the game (in most of the maps i felt like i was in the Academy from Heroes of Might and Magic III :D). The animations are good too, except maybe for the running animation of the Tinker, which is ridiculous (it looks exactly like she has to take a sh** really really quick =/)

    The fighting system is very similar to Chivalry, and i wasn’t lost. Being able to parry projectiles wasn’t natural at first, but when you begin to be used to it, it’s a real pleasure to send back a wizard arrow in his face. Fights feel a little less “nervous” than in Chiv, but no big deal. Still a pleasure to play. No reverse overhead and minimized parrying windows are great imo.

    Problems i noticed
    They aren’t exactly bugs, but i listed these little issues so far. I guess some of them have been reported already :

    • heartbeat sound who continues after respawn (VERY annoying)

    • quick chat in game (X and Z) not working (with every class) was the biggest issue i had, but most of players seemed to have this issue as well. I’m sure it will be fixed soon :) That’s too bad cause i could hear other (rare) players use them, and voice acting was SWEET ! On that topic, the “quality” of some dialogues (from the wizard, mainly) were weird and felt like it was a player talking via voice-chat, and not the character in game

    • skill shortcuts were very confusing. Why not call them “Skill 1, Skill 2…” or “Skill A, Skill B…” ? I didn’t understand that. Plus : some shortcuts are wrongly displayed. For example, with Tauren, my charge was on the NumPad1 key, but “F” was displayed. And i didn’t understand why there are 4 keys for skills, but only 3 skills in game.

    • F2 allows you to see default keybinding, but not your cuztomized configuration

    • i couldn’t use the NumPadEnter key to sprint, unless i took it off from the action it was linked with before. We should be able to overwrite.

    • Steam notifications, like a message from a friend, weren’t displayed while in game.

    • Ghost mode doesn’t allow crouch or jump (to go down or up)

    • Sometimes, after i reduce the game to go on windows and come back, mouse doesn’t work anymore and i have to Esc and come back for it to work again

    • little typos : “GYLPH B UNLOCKED” and “GYLPH B LOST”

  • You probably have to reset your keybinds for voice comms to work, you can after that once again change them to whatever you like.

  • Hey @Albemouff ,

    Thanks for the great feedback! I played with you for a time on the 10 v 10 EU server.

    We’ll definitely take into account the user experience feedback you’ve given us here.

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