Review and consequential ideas

  • I love the game, just simply awesome, I´ve been playing for 8 hours in a row and it´s now eight in the morning here, the sun is rising.

    I´ve been playing almost exclusive vanguard, and I love the vanguard. The inmersion was crazy (I was so drugged that maybe you know…) but it can be perfect, I think, with more animation and more freedom of movement. For example I want to take my incredible long sword (yeah ladies) and rest all his weight, nailed in the ground, for a while. Like when you have won the battle or maybe to annoy the enemy. Also the ability of the vanguard of attacking after running is incomplete, you need to let the other normals attacks to be powered by the run. I mean I want to run like crazy and stab al my sword into somebody to the handle or cut him in a half with the third ability. That´s for the vanguard, the other players the same, they can use more animations, the animations make the game really funny.

    There is a problem in the map and in the feeling of inmersion, the inability to climb and the almost useless jump. The map is full of holes and alternatives ways, let us explore them, free us in an virtual physic sand box. If you guys improve that it can be just the best game ever. You may wanna take a look to the game dishonored, that´s what I´m talking about. I want to be able to grab my enemies weapons, it is the middle ages and the weapons dropped in the ground of a battle are free to take and simple to use, I can use them horrible, cause i´m no that class, like in dark souls when you try to use a weapon too heavy, but I can use them, maybe I am a noob and i dont know how.

    The sound is perfect I almost freak out when I heared the earth rised by the bombs, awesome. The battlecrys awesome. I will love to have a chainsaw thats my only wish, a chainsaw in the middle ages. What elsee can i say? The combat? perfect, just perfect, I got to control it better but I did it fine (I cut heads so elegantly…) I will love to change the look of my avatar but is ok, I guess.

    Well I have a request about the camera but I know it´s imposible. I want the key Q and E to make the head of the avatar to rotate 45º to the left or to the right, then I will have a open realistic perspective of the battle and my position.I know Q does another thing but there is more keys, lots of them, just example.

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