Tinker - Bring Back the WEIGHTED Mines!!!

  • Earlier in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the Alpha Build when the Tinker would toss a mine at an opponent and precisely hit her target opponent; the opponent would feel that hit and become flinched or knock backed slightly. I thought that was a cool aspect of the game since every skill and attack had it’s own weight and it’s own course of action to take. While playing in the 5th round of the Alpha build I noticed that the Tinker had lost that added touch of realism when throwing a mine at an opponent. The opponent could just walk/run through the thrown mine without any repercussions(aside from losing 5hp). Now that any attack, any skill, and any explosion can be blocked/deflected by any class makes the Tinker seem very weak compared to the others.

    The Tinker in my opinion is a nimble crowd control type of character that can separate opponents from one another while effectively holding her own in a 1v1. Mix her up in a 1v2 and she’s in trouble unless her skills are used wisely. Being able to stun one opponent by tossing a mine can open up enough space to get away or to make a swift hit on one of the unsuspecting opponents adds a lot more dynamic game play than being able to walk through a thrown mine. Maybe if a mine does hit an opponent it could knock them back a bit but, the mine could disappear due to a malfunction in hardware from a direct impact to an opponent?

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